Monday, May 13, 2013

Student Blogging Challenge

Our 10 Favourite website we use in class

Khan Academy is a great website where we learn new maths skills. We can watch videos which help us learn the new skill. The website tracks our progress and the skills we have learnt. We use Khan Academy every day. We enjoy going on and learning new maths skills.

Spelling City is a fun website we use to learn our spelling words. Our teacher loads up our spelling words so we can play games, take tests, all sorts.

Weeworld. We enjoyed using weeworld to create a weeme. We used this website to make our avatars for our blogs. We had lots of fun adding all the different features.

Build your wildself is a fun place where you can create your own creature. Your wild self can have all sorts of different features.

Glogster is where you can create a poster online. You can include links to other websites and you tube clips. Its fun making and interactive posters with different pictures and backgrounds.

Kerpoof is a fun website where you can create pictures, movies card etc. We have used this website mainly to create pictures. It is fun creating pictures that motivate us to write some fantastic stories.

Wordle is a type of word cloud. You write a whole lot of words about something then click go. If you ant some words bigger you just write the word more than once. You are able to choose all sorts of different colours, layout and font. We use Wordles for lots of different things in class.

Bubbleus is a good website where you can create a brainstorm online. We use this website to help us plan our stories and whenever we want to share our ideas.

Prezi. We love using prezi to create an online presentation. You can insert lots of different slides like in powerpoint. You have can have images and you tube clips too.

Minecraft. When we are lucky we get to play minecraft. We get to play Minecraft when we have finished all of our work. Minecraft is good because it teaches us problem solving skills, to be creative and its fun too.

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