Sunday, April 14, 2013

Striving for Accuracy

Greta job Riley. He worked extremely hard to create his family. He concentrated really hard to colour in his leaves and flowers nicely. Keep up the hard work Riley!

Blogging King

Congratulations Joshua. Your blog is looking fantastic! Keep up the hard work.

King of the Den

Assembly Winners

Well done to all of our assembly winners!

Blogging Challenge

This week for the blogging challenge we made a list of what we thought the secret could be.

1. Secret Village for elf people.
2. Tiny fairy village in the trees.
3. A house with a witch living in it.
4. Santa!
5. The smurfs.
6. Fake wall that when you walk into it, it takes you to a secret city.
7. Abandoned mine with tonnes of stuff still left in it.
8. A dragon protecting treasure.
9. Minecraft village.
10. A hidden kingdom full groovy Greeks.
11. A cave that takes you to a different dimension filled with mystical craetures.
12. Dinasaurs protecting villages.
13. Zombies
14. Massive spider on its web guarding a big pyramid.
15. Tigers protecting the hills.
16. Cyclops protecting a nest.
17. A portal when you walk into it, it takes you to a village filled with old people and old looking houses.
19. A cage full of naughty people.

The boys have also completed the challenge. Check out their blogs down the side to see what they came up with.

Duffy Assembly

Last week we had a Duffy Assembly. Gavin Hill came to talk to us about the importance of reading. Gavin used to play rugby for the NZ Maori, Canterbury, Taranaki and Wellington. He has also played Rugby League for the Canterbury Bulldogs, NZ Kiwis and the 1995 Warriors.

Gavin talked about the importance of having a dream working hard to achieve it.

Thanks for our books Gavin. We love them.

Boy's Night Out

Last night we had our Boy's Night Out. What a great night! I really enjoyed watching the boys be great hosts to their families. We started off by showing our families a presentation so they understand how we do things in the boys class. After that the boys showed their familes around, explained their fantastic work displayed around the class, showed them how we use the computers, the many programmes we use to support our learning and taught them to make comments on our blogs. I was very impressed. The boys did a great job sharing their life in Room 15 with others.

After that we walked over to Room 14 where the boys were hosts once more. They introduced their families to their "little brother" and them showed them around their class and all the things they have helped their buddies create.

Thank you so much everyone for coming along and seeing what your boys have been up to. I really enjoyed the evening and look forward to seeing you all back again sometime.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Postcard Project

This year we are taking part in the postcard project again. The postcard project is where schools from around the world write postcards to each other. So far this year we have received 2 postcards, one from Hastings and the other one from Bangkok, Thailand. How exciting!

Next term we will be writing one each to lots of different places around the world so hopefully we will receive lots more.

Wordless Text

Last week for our writing we created wordless texts about our Easter weekend.

We watched a movie made from a wordless text on You Tube.

We discussed what made it a great wordless text and what we need to remember when we complete ours. This helped us out a lot. Everyone worked really hard and I think they look fantastic. Here are a few of them.




Sunday, April 7, 2013


Throughout the term we have been learning all about Statistics. We have learnt how to create and read lots of different types of graphs. We have also learnt how to calculate the mean, mode, median etc. To show what we have learnt we carried out our own investigation. We came up with a question, gathered data, created 3 different graphs (one in excel), wrote 3 sentences about our data and calculated the mean etc. We then presented all of our work. Here are a few people that have finished. Very clever!





Inquiry - Thumb Print

For our inquiry we wrote stories all about ourselves so everyone could get to know us a little better. We shared our names, ages, about our school, our families and what we like doing. We published our stories on lines in the shape of our thumb print. We used ink to create a thumb print. Then we enlarged it on the photocopier till we got it the right size. We used sharpie to write our stories and then dyed them. We think they look great. What do you think?

Interschool Swimming Sports

On Tuesday a small group went to the Splash Center to represent Carlton at the Interschool Swimming Sports. Joel and Zhyon went down from our class. Everyone tried really hard and should be proud of their achievements.

Art Work

Over the past few weeks we have been creating a piece of art work to show where we come from. We started off by crayoning a landscape. We made sure to include and special landmarks. Secondly we drew ourselves using indian ink. We also drew a picture of our house in revelation art. Lastly we glued everything together onto a colourful border. They look fantastic. What do you think?