Sunday, April 7, 2013


Throughout the term we have been learning all about Statistics. We have learnt how to create and read lots of different types of graphs. We have also learnt how to calculate the mean, mode, median etc. To show what we have learnt we carried out our own investigation. We came up with a question, gathered data, created 3 different graphs (one in excel), wrote 3 sentences about our data and calculated the mean etc. We then presented all of our work. Here are a few people that have finished. Very clever!






  1. I like the wall displays.The classroom has some vibrant colours.Andy O'Neil.

  2. The work Costello and his class mates are doing seems to be more advanced than when I was at school. The achievements that the children have made and the knowledge they are receiving is very impressive, I am happy with the progress with Costello and I am very happy that he is in Room 15. Well Done Room 15 teachers and staff at Carlton School.