Monday, May 31, 2010

Mighty Mouse!

I showed this video to the teachers after school today. I think it has a great message. What do you think when you watch this? I will give a prize to the first person who knows and shares the correct message.

Visiting Wanganui Intermediate

Today the Year 6's went to Wanganui Intermediate for the first time. They went to see what fun things you can do at their school like robotics and cooking. The Year 6's will be going there every Monday morning for the next 3 weeks. Lucky them!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


In Room 14 we have lots of cushions and a couch which is pretty cool, more like awesome. When we sit on the mat most people go for the bench with cushions sometimes me. I mainly sit next to the bench (on a long red cushion). When we first got our cushions we got a big surprise. When we sit on the mat mostly everyone gets a cushion because we have so many. We love our cushions.
By Kobi.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Teacher Aides

In Room 14 we have the opportunity to be teacher aides in other classes. First we have to prove to Mrs Larsen we have all the qualities to be a good teacher aide. I am a teacher aide in Room 15. My first job was clean up all the desks. The day after that was a very hard job becouse I had to sort a lot of cards into the right order. I think that being are teacher aide is a very hard but cool job. I like helping all the little kids.
By William

Discovery Time Dinosaurs

For discovery time some people made dinosaurs using ice blocks sticks. Check out their awesome dinosaurs!

My Greatest Feat

Today Room 14 got little pedometers. They count your steps. We got them to help support the All Whites at the FIFA World Cup. We are trying to walk the All Whites around South Africa and onto the pitch. The distance is equivalent to walking from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South Island. Everyday our class goes on line to record our steps. We can then see how far we have walked on the map. I think our class is going to do it!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Yr 5's Toothpaste Making

Today when the Year 6's went to Rutherford, the Year 5's went to Room 5. At Room 5 we made toothpaste. First Ms Whitwell gave us some instructions. Then we got into pairs. Josh and I were a pair. Ms Whitwell and Mrs McAvoy came around with salt sugar and baking soda. We had to decide the amount we wanted to use for each ingredients. Ms Whitwell came around with glycerol and poured some into our mixture. Mrs McAvoy came around with some red, green and blue food coluring. We choose red. We added the food colouring to our toothpaste. We tried our toothpaste, ours was yum. Some of the others were yummier and some were yuck! Especially Fords. Mr Petersen judged the best toothpaste. Hope's and Jahzia's were the best.

Yr 6's trip to Rutherford

Today the Year 6's went to Rutherford Junior High to look at some of the activities available if we decide to go there next year. Some of the Yr 6's went to science, photoghraphy, sport, ceramics, music and sewing. It was so much fun.

Spelling Homework Week Six

Week Six-Spelling List

Friday, May 21, 2010

Window Display

Check out our window display. Mrs Larsen and Mrs McAvoy worked really hard to create a jungle! Don't worry the boys aren't that scary. Honest.

Player of the day

Well done Treyzhan! You played hockey so well on Wednesday. You never gave up! Congratulations! Enjoy your voucher.

Congratulations Jonathan!

Well done Jonathan. He is Room 14's lucky duffy book winner this week.


Here is a copy of Mrs Larsens brother's x-ray. Look at all of those screws and plates. What a mess!

Dinosaur Discovery

Every Friday the people that have finished there work get to do Discovery time. Shannon and I designed new dinosaurs. There names are Raven and Dante. They are the fastest and most viscious dinosaurs in the world. Their colours are beautiful.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kingi's First Road Trip

Kingi was so excited. He was going on his first road trip. He jumped in the car, buckled up, and made his way to Palmerston North with Mrs Larsen and her family. He was going to visit Mrs Larsen's brother. He was in hospital after having surgery on his leg. He was in a motorbike accident a year and a half ago and had heaps of rods and screws put in his leg to fix it. They took them all out again in surgery. When Jay met Kingi for the first time he wasn't feeling too good. He was even a bit green! But Kingi was so lucky he got to see the x-rays and all the screws and rods they took out of his leg. After cheering Jay up everyone went to get some food. We left just in time. Jay was sick everywhere. That didn't stop Kingi from trying French Fries for the first time. He never knew potato could taste so good. We didn't get back to Wanganui till quite late but Kingi fell asleep straight away. The only problem was he kept everyone up all night with his very loud snoring!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

BP Technology Challenge

Today Mrs Larsen gave us a challenge. The challenge to build a shelter the could keep 2 people dry and warm. All we could use was 10 newspapers, sellotape and scissors. We found this challenge extremely difficult. When one group was building their shelter they weren't being really carefully so the newspaper ripped. However, they kept trying and built a shelter. Even though they needed four people to hold the shelter up! When one group had a problem they did not work through it. Instead they gave up. The other group decided to fight amongst themselves. We learnt when times get tough, do not give up. Give everything a go! Here are some photos of our disasters and one success.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Room 14 P.E

In the morning Room 14 went to do P.E. We played soccer and we had fun playing it. I hope we play soccer again. Most of us we're working together as a team, Well done!
By William

Time Out Circle

In Room 14 we have Time Out Spots. We use the circle when we make silly choices or need some cooling down time. Mr McPhun painted some new circles out the back of our classroom.

Our Garden

Well...through these last few terms I, Jahzia, have been the gardener for Room 14. It is such an honour to be gardener because it is such a fun job. It's such a fun a job because you get a little bit wet.


Today Mrs Lasen put up our holiday project on the wall. Everyone did well on their projects. I like Davids a lot. We had 2 weeks to complete them. 5 people were given a certificate for doing such a good job. By Matt

Monday, May 17, 2010

Good Times!

Hey boys. Check out what I got up to in the weekend. Just kidding, it's this new fun website I found. Maybe we can make some more in class.

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

Spelling Homework Week Five

Week Four-Spelling List

The Super Classroom Makeover

Two weeks ago we had a classroom make over. The people that helped were Campbell Jonathan and me(Kobi). When we helped we had to move tables to shift the computers over to the corner where the couch was. Jonathan and I had to carry big things and Campbell had to carry small things. When we were doing it Jonathan and I needed to put down the computers and swap because I had the white one (thats the dinosaur motor) and he had the black one. I wanted to see how light the black one was (not the dinosaur). Campbell, Jonathan and me moved the couch. When the couch was in its new spot we jumped on it. When we jumped on the couch we had a little break. Then i tried to move the teachers desk, the wheel dragged the matt over a little bit so i had to pull it back and lift it up up up and over. After we moved lots of things Mrs Larsen said you guys can go to lunch now and Mrs Larsen did the rest.
By Kobi.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Starry Night

Today Mrs Larsen showed us a picture of a famous art work, Starry Night. No one in our class knew who the artist was. She has set a challenge over the weekend for us to find out who painted the art work. Do you know?

Back To Front Day

Today for our spirit day we had back to front day. We all wore our clothes backwards. We had our assembly in the morning, sat facing the wrong way and Mr Petersen did the whole assembly with his back to us. It was very funny! Meet our new principal Mr Back to Front Petersen.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lunch Time Sports Group

At lunch time the lunch time group went to the field to play T.ball. Mrs Larsen helped us get into teams. When we were playing one of us hit it way out the end of the field. Someone even hit it over the fence. Then Mrs Larsen said to swap over. I was back stop. Then I had a try at batting. I hit it way out through the gaps. I got a home run. By William

New Go Karts

A few weeks ago our old groundskeeper built us some new Go Karts. They are fast and cool. Most people ride on them. But one of them broke, so mr McPhun is fixing it. We are really lucky to have Go Karts because most ather schools don't. That's why Carlton is a pretty cool school.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spelling Homework Week Four

Week Four-Spelling List

Soccer Tournament

Today 2 of Carlton School's soccer teams, Carlton Rovers and Carlton Strikers, represented our school at the Wanganui Primary School's Soccer Tournament. We left school at 9.30 and didn't return until 2.30. Each team played 7 games. It was a very long day but everyone played very well. Congratulations Keylen, Max and Joshua who were all choosen to be player of the day.