Thursday, September 27, 2012

WIS Production

Yesterday the year 5 and 6's all piled into buses and made their way to the Opera House. We were really lucky because we were invited to go see their production "The Wiz". They told the story of the Wizard of Oz with a few modern day twists. We all loved it!


Monday, September 24, 2012

Duffy Assembly

Today we had a Duffy Assembly. Our role model was Mr Ngapo. Mr Ngapo used to be the principal at Aramoho School. We learnt he did lots of studying at University to help become the best teacher/prinicpal he could be. Mr Ngapo worked so hard he received a Queen's Service Medal for his services to education. We enjoyed Mr Ngapo's stories and we loved our books.

Perseverance Cup

Wahoo Tarron! Well done for always working so hard and earning the perseverance cup. You deserve it! You are a great role model for the school. You work so hard and deserve to be recognised for it.

Duffy Book Winners

Congratulations Harry and Makail. They were the lucky winners of a Duffy book at assembly on Friday.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Duffy Theatre

Last week we had Duffy Theatre come to school. It was about the best book in the world. It was funny because Duffy had a brother Scruffy and they were looking through the garage sale box, as they looked through the box they found tools had played with them. Then Duffy found the best book in the world and Scuffy said don't read that book, books are dumb. But Duffy read the book and it came alive and the book took Duffy on a adventure and showed him all the people that have owned the book and what they done with the book. At the end Scruffy ripped the book and started chasing the book around. Duffy asked what was wrong, Scruffy said he couldn't read so Duffy read the book to Scuffy and that was the end of the show. It was great!


Wednesday, September 19, 2012


A few weeks ago my Mathex team went to Mathex, I was really nervous and so was the rest of my team. In my team was Blake, Mikayla, Natalie and me. We walked into the hall of Wanganui Intermediate and there were lots of people in the grandstands, there was at least 20 schools we went up against. When Mathex started we all started to figure out the questions really quickly and we worked together as a team. We only had 20 minutes to get through 20 questions and the clock stops for the first team to get all 20 right, The team that stopped the clock was Fordell Primary school. We had all tried our best and guess what? We came third!!! We were all super excited and we went up to receive our bronze certificates. We were all really happy because it was the first time Carlton School had ever got a placing at Mathex. My mum said I might be able to get it framed.

By Kahu

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Well I'm Confused!

I went onto our blog to publish a few of our draft posts and guess what I discovered. I couldn't believe my eyes! All of our post between now and August the 13th were gone. Yes you read correctly GONE! How did that happen? Panic set in. All that hard work gone!

So...I did a lot of searching and managed to find some old post. I have copied and pasted them below.

Unfortunately all of our draft posts are gone! I'm not clever enough to work out how to get those back. So over the next few days we will try to restore our blog and rewrite some of our latest interesting posts.

Published Posts that were deleted!

Spelling - Week 9

Our Special Visitor

Today Andrew Little one of the Labour MP's came to our school. First we welcomed him into our school with a Haka Powhiri. After the haka he let us ask him some questions about his life. After we asked him some questions we stood up and watched him leave the hall. When we got back to class he came in and looked around the class and asked us some questions about the class.

Mitchell's Weekly Reflection

What: On Monday Ms O’Connor came to our class and talked about our school Moto. She asked us questions about our Carlton school hands on learning… there are 6 hands because we have year 1-6 and the hands go bigger.

On Tuesday our class went to the gym to learn how to do cartwheels and our coach was grumpy. It was stink because we didn’t get free time like other classes… I think we don’t get it because we are a year 5-6 and we are not little kids.
On Wednesday the crocodiles were with Mrs Larsen for reading and we read ‘The Dragons Egg’. The characters are Nick, Karl, Rebecca and mum. Nick found an egg and told Nick and Rebecca.

So What: I learnt how to do P.V.A prints and how to make a warm fuzzy for our class rules.

Now What: My goal for next week is to continue behaving how I have been this week so I can make Ms Larsen even happier.

Our new HOM

A couple of weeks ago we learnt about our new HOM we are focusing on, Gathering Data through all Senses

We created a brainstorm to show our first thoughts about the Habit.

Next we wrote down a favourite memory about last Christmas. We discovered a lots of us use our touch sense and we need to start thinking about all the other senses when learning.

We are now working on writing senses poems. Watch this space to see how they turn out.

Our New Class Member

Today we were all really excited because we have a new member in Room 15, Mitchell. We are sure he is going to fit right in!

Spelling - Week 7

Buddy Art

Today we went to Room 9 for buddy time. Instead of doing I.T we did some art together. We helped our buddies sponge a background for the bugs we are going to help them print make. Everyone in Room 15 was great at being the teacher. They all clearly explained what to do and did not try to take over. Well done!

Spelling - Week 6

Duffy Book Winners

Congratulations Tarron and Justin!

Wacky Hair Day

Today we had bad hair day to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis. We raised a lot of money and had lots of fun too.


Watch this to learn more about Cystic Fibrosis.


Print Making

Today we did some more print making. this time we used the rollers and ink. We all had to find some leaves. then we came back and inked them up and created leaf prints. We created a leaf collage. They are looking pretty good.

Guess Who's Back!

We all got so excited because look who's back. Kingi! We cant wait to read all about his travels in Germany.

Weekly Challenge

Here it is..

Why is Valerie Adams now a London 2012 Olympic gold medalist? Remember the more information you supply the better your chance of winning.

Congratulations Tarron for winning last weeks challenge. Don't forget to come and collect your prize!

That's a Wrap!

After many nights staying up late, the Olympics have come to a close. Wasn't it great!

Closing Ceremony Slideshow

Closing ceremony video