Sunday, May 26, 2019


Yoga was calming and fun! First we warmed up to music learning different yoga poses. Next we played a fun game where we had to freeze in a tree position. It was tricky trying to balance on one foot. After we relaxed our body and learnt some breathing techniques to use when we are feeling frustrated and if we are finding it hard to get to sleep at night. Thanks Emma for a great session. We all learnt something from our time with you and some of us might come and join one of you yoga sessions after school.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Team Building Activities

Last week Mrs Palmer gave us some challengers to do in small groups. The first one was for each member of our group to lift and then lower a hoop by only using our index finger. It had to stay straight and not bend. This required us to communicate clearly to each other and work as a team to not drop the hoop. Our second challenge was to complete a puzzle. Each of us had to run down to the end of the court and collect one piece of the puzzle and bring it back to the team. As each puzzle piece came back we tried to put it in the correct place to make the puzzle. We were all very competitive during our first attempt and wanted to try it for a second time. During the second time each team discussed some tactics we could use to make our team quicker than the first time. It worked and we had different winners.


We have been learning about Sandra Silberzweig for art. She is a contemporary artist and lives in Canada. She uses thick bold lines to outline or emphasise her art and smaller thinner lines to show detail. She loves using a mix of bright colours. We had a go at creating our own Sandra Silberzweig inspired self portraits. They look amazing!

Monday, May 13, 2019


In class we have been learning about different emotions. We looked closely at some emotions and how people show that emotion differently. In groups we made a google drawing about each emotion. Here are some of them.