Friday, September 27, 2013

Jaxon's Story

I am moving to new a house. I will have built in draws in my bedroom. The colour will be blue. The house will have two lounges. They will be big. It will have a sandpit. We get free couches because my mum asked the people if we could have them.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Milk in Schools Carton Folding Race

We have had milk in our school for just over a week so we thought it was about time we had a race to see who can fold their milk cartoons the fastest. Mrs Larsen soon realised to check the cartoons at the end of the race to make sure they were folded correctly, some people were so worried about finishing first they didn't fold it correctly. Check out how we got on. I wonder if anyone is ever going to beat Kahu.

Gourd Project

Yesterday Margie from the museum came to talk to our class about Gourds and how to plant them. Our class is taking part in the Gourd project.

We learnt all about Gourds when we went to te museum to learn about Puanga. Gourd was the first cultivated plant grown in New Zealand. Gourds were used for things like water containers or storing food.

Go to the Gourd Project blog to learn more. Gourd Project Blog


Last week was the senior school disco. What a crazy night that was!

Interschool Cross Country

Last week a group of students went to Aranui School to take part in the interschool cross country. They all ran really well and did our school proud!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Supermarket Visit

Today we went to the supermarket to practice our label reading skills. We split into groups of 4. We went all around the supermarket reading lots of different food labels. Towards the end we went into the fruit and vege section to see how many different coloured fruit and veg we could find. After our session on the way out, the kind people at New World gave everyone a lunch box and our class a $60 voucher to spend on a healthy lunch. Thanks New World and Nova!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Gymnastics - Session Three

Today we went to the gym for our third session. This time we focused on keeping our bodies tight when completing gymnastics moves. We also spent some time learning how to do a hand stand and head stand. We all got to have some time rotating around the equipment to practice our new skills. We were really lucky because again at the end our instructor gave us 10 minutes free time on the equipment. Most of us went straight to the pit and started to have a foam fight. We all tried really hard to push Mrs Larsen in but she was just to strong for us. Maybe next time! At the very end of the session we were shown how to make a human pyramid. We had to have a few goes at it but we got it in the end.

Food For Thought

Today Nova from the Food For Thought programme, came to our class to share some more information with us that would be useful for our inquiry. We learnt some new things like its okay to have a scoop of vanilla ice cream as long as you don't add anything to it and the correct serving size of meat, chicken and fish. Nova is coming back tomorrow to share some more information and do some more work with us on food labels.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Last night 3 very clever people from Room 15 went to WIS to represent our school for Mathex. They were all pretty nervous and not surprised the questions were challenging! Congratulations boys you worked hard and did our school proud.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Milk in Schools

Today we were all very excited! It was the first day we received milk. We now get milk every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We all really enjoyed tasting it for the first time. We can't wait to have some more.

Cross Country

On Tuesday afternoon we had our school Cross Country. This year it was on the school grounds. We ran around the fields, up and down banks and even over jumps. All of the boys tried very hard and now we have 4 going to Aranui representing our school.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Gymnastics - Session Two

Today we went back to the Wanganui Boys and Girls Gym Club for our second session. Today we focused on forward rolls. We soon learnt if you don't keep your arms straight you roll wonky! Also if you don't curve you back and roll, you can get a very sore back after a while from smacking the ground. We enjoyed jumping over the ropes for our warm up and playing with the parachute for our cool down.

Student Blogging Challenge

Well its that time of year again, Student Blogging Challenge time. Over the next 10 weeks all of the senior students at Carlton School will be taking part. Each week they will be completing a challenge a putting it on their blog. So make sure you check out what they get up to. You can find links to the boys blogs down the side.

Monday, September 9, 2013


About a week ago Mr Waite brought in a pet mouse to share with us. It belongs to his daughter. They named the mouse Ella Rose. Ella Rose loves to run around her wheel. Se could go for ours. We were really lucky because Mr Waite took her out of the cage so we could all pat her. We made sure he didn't go near Mrs Larsen though because she is a big chicken. Thanks Mr Waite for sharing your mouse!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Angry Birds

Today for writing we watched an angry birds trailer on YouTube. While we were watching the video we thought about lots of different verbs, verbs we could hear, verbs we could see etc. We used these verbs to create a wordle on a new website

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Today we went to the Wanganui Boys and Girls Gym Club for our first gym session. We enjoyed a few games of Seaweed for a warm up. We then practiced jumping and landing correctly. After that we were able to go on all of the equipment. we loved jumping on the tramp, the air track and into the foam pit. We were really lucky because we got 10 minutes free time at the end. We had a great time.

Duffy Theatre

Today the whole school went to the hall to watch the Duffy Show. It was funny I liked when they were having the word battle. It was the funniest thing I thought that was in the Duffy Show. I was laughing hard out because it was super funny when they were rhyming and the person that was challenging them was sneezing when they were rhyming. Some children got given books at the end for being good readers. I am looking forward to seeing the next Duffy Show. I think Duffy Books in homes is great.
By Charlie