Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Number 15!

We have been decorating our huge class number for Maths Appreciation Week. We decorated ours with a Rugby theme as we have number 15 and there are 15 players in a team and we are learning all about rugby for the Rugby World Cup. Check it out, doesn't it look cool!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Buddy Art

We went to Buddy art today. We worked hard to finish off our collages. Some people did. Check out what the kids in Room 12 can do.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Rugby World Cup!

In Room 15 we are starting to do an inquiry about the Rugby World Cup. The first activity we did was answer some questions.
Question One: When did the Rugby World Cup start?
The answer was 1987. The chose to have it in 1987 so it did not clash with the Olympics.
Question Two: Why did they start the Rugby World Cup?
The answer was in 1983 Australia and New Zealand proposed the idea to the IRB (International Rugby Board). The members of the IRB voted. The Rugby World Cup was approved by 10 votes to 6.

Rugby World Cup!!

Today we started out new inquiry. We are RUGBY MAD! We created a brainstorm with about what we already know. What do you think?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekly Challenge

Just something random to get you thinking...

On average, how many sesame seeds are on each McDonald's Big Mac bun?

King of the Den

Well it was a tricky one this week. Again I think I have to choose 3. It has to go to the 3 boys who got all of their work completed to a high standard in the time given. So well done Tarron, Te Waoriki and William. Boy it's going to be a tight squeeze on the couch this week.

Striving for Accuracy

Well it was hard to choose just one person this week so I chose 2 people. Congratulations DJ

and Keightley

Mystery Reader

This week we had a Mystery Reader his name was Marty Benton. He is an fire fighter. He came to read a book to us, it was funny. The name of the book was Smelly Bertie. It was about farting. It was so funny. When he was here he showed us some of his gear. He had helmets, jackets, boots, sun glasses and much much more. He also let us try on his fire fighting gear including his jacket and helmet. Zane fitted it perfectly.

Daffodil Day

On Friday the 26th of August in NZ it was Daffodil Day. The school was raising money for the cancer society. The whole school made some paper daffodils for the school gardens. We got to make them out of what we want to make them out of. Some of the were very big and some were little. We had flowers made out of paper, feathers, glitter, all sorts. All together we made around $160.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Carlton School vs Westmere - Tackle Rugby

Carlton School vs Westmere at 12:30 pm. It was a hard game!!
We all waited for Westmere to arrive so we warmed up, we did long passes, kicks and tackles. Westmere finally arrived at 12:45 and the game was under way. David was our captain. He had to guess who started by choosing what hand the whistle was in. They got to pick first they got it right so they kicked it to us.
We had our defense down so they slipped right through us sadly they got a try so it was 1/0. Near half time we got a try. At half time it was a draw. We had a group talk then the referee came to say we were doing good and to keep it up. The second half started and we kicked off five minutes later they got another try it was change over time Bayley went on for Keelan.
Even though the score was 3 - 1 to them, we had a great game and can't wait for our next one.

By Bayley

Simon Watson

On Tuesday the 23rd of August Simon Watson came to our school for the Year 6's. The Year 6's in Room 15 had to be split up into two groups. It was straight after morning tea. We played heaps of games. My favorite was the Winking game. It was really hard. I was the winker at first. It was hard for the other person. I liked having Simon Watson come to our school and I hope we have him again sometime.
By Bayley

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekly Challenge

Well the boys and I got talking on Friday and the discussion led to how many shoes I have, so I thought that could be this weeks challenge.

How many shoes does Mrs Larsen have?

I look forward to seeing who gets the closest to the correct answer, they will be the winner. If you were listening closely you were given a little clue on Friday.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Perseverance Cup

Isaiah has been working extremely hard all year. He gives everything a go and tries to do his very best. That is why he was chosen to receive the Perseverance Cup.

Merit Certificates

Congratulations you two! Great to see you are both working hard.

King of the Den

Even though this person has received King of the den lots and lots. They still deserve it. He is the only one in the whole class who got every single piece of work completed on time. Come on boys lets give him a bit of competition. Try hard, get your work done on time and have a great attitude. I'm sure you can do it. We cant have him having the couch for the rest of the year. Congratulations...

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Striving for Accuracy

Well after looking at lots of books I just had to choose the person who I felt was consistently produces great work.

Myspace Fun Flash Comments

Mystery Reader

Today our Mystery Reader was a teacher. She is pretty tall and she works in a Junior class. Our Mystery reader was "MRS ROBERTSON" the book she read was called Elmer the Elephant. I reckon it was sad but the end was very cool and true.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jack Bullock

Today we had Jack come in and talk to us. He shared what his life was like growing up and how he came to be the man he is today. They boys really enjoyed having Jack in our class. They learnt lots of great things.

David Learnt: To get a good education and to not be in a gang.

William Learnt: That if you make good choices in life you get a good reputation.

Tarron Learnt: Always have a goal to work towards.

Keightley Learnt :Never trust someone by there looks.

Zane Learnt: Never give up.

Mrs McAvoy Learnt: Keep your mind open for other job opportunities.

Harold Part 2

Today was our last session with Harold. We really enjoyed going and learning all about friends in the bus. We learnt more about friends and how to be good to our friends. At the end of the session we sung karaoke with Harold. We were really lucky because we behaved so well we got to jump in the bus. Man it rocked! a little scary for Mrs Larsen. She was sure it was going to tip!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rob Southam Shares Great Books

Today we were very lucky. Rob Southam came to talk to our class about great books for boys. She shared a lot of great books. She showed us how illustrators come up with a main character and read us parts of lots of great books. We were really lucky because we were given some great presents. We cant wait for Mrs Larsen to read our new books. Thanks Rob you were great! we hope you come and visit us again some time.

Rob showing us a sketch of Milly Maloo.

Rob sharing some of the great stories with us.

Our Presents, Thanks Rob

Jump Jam

Today we started a new Jump Jam. How do you think they did?

Life Ed

Today was our first session in the Life Ed bus. We couldn't wait to see Harold. While we were in the bus we learnt all about friends, how to make them, who makes them and what makes a good friend. We cant wait for our next session tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rob Southam

Tomorrow we are having Rob Southam visit our class. Rob will be talking about what makes boys want to read and keep reading and sharing great books for boys. I can't wait!

Dangerous Decibels

Today Tracy came into class to talk about dangerous decibels. Tracy had a tuning fork, she hit it on the table and spun it around, it sounded like the wind. She used this and a ping pong ball to show us that sound is made of vibrations. She also told us all about how to look after our hearing. Did you know you can't stand by a shot gun and shoot it without it affecting your ear. It does instant damage. In our ears we have lots of little hair-like nerve cells. If we listen to loud sounds for to long, it destroys some of our hair-like nerve cells. Once they are damaged they stay that way. We cant fix them. So we need to look after them by either walking away, turning it down or wearing protect our ears like ear plugs or ear muffs. Check out the photos from our fun morning.