Sunday, February 24, 2013

Spelling - Week 5


Striving for Accuracy

Over the past couple of weeks we have been working hard creating quilts about ourselves. We drew pictures to show our family, culture, favourite subject, favourite holiday etc. Tomairangi worked really hard and created one that looks fantastic.

King of the Den

Monday, February 18, 2013

Graphs in Excel

Today for maths we made a graph in Microsoft Excel. Our graph is based on our basic facts results. Here are some of the graphs we made.


Our Guests!

Today our special guests (ERO) arrived. The seniors all performed an amazing Haka Powhiri to welcome them into the school. We can't wait for them to come into our room to see all the clever work we are doing.

Spelling - Week 4


Friday, February 15, 2013

This weeks Story

This week at school we did writing with Ms McAvoy and then we played a game with Mr Sager. I like this week because we got to do heaps of fun things like playing line tag with the class and doing Kapa Haka practice with the school.This week when we did our listening test it was pretty tricky but the best story and the funniest story was called beans because the nextdoor-neighbour said "Your boy is full of beans, that boy is full of beans".

By Zhyon

Week 3 Reflection

WHAT: This week was fun because we got to go swimming in the school pool, we did relays with Mr Sager both of our teams had a draw. I had a fun week because we got to put our time capsule letters in a bucket then we put it in the hole that we dug up.This week we did a listening test.

SO WHAT: This week I learnt about HANDS ON LEARNING that we always have to focus on our learning and also focus on the teacher. 

NOW WHAT: My learning goal for next week is to get my work finished in time.   

By Zhyon

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Window Display

Mrs Larsen has been busy turning our window into a jungle. What do you think?

Our Waka

After creating our class rules and warm fuzzy's we started to make our waka. Our waka represents us on our learning journey. We are all on a journey together. To keep moving in the right direction we need to work together and display qualities that make our class a great place to be. Everyone in our class coloured in a person and wrote on a paddle a quality we need to display. I hope we keep paddling in the right direction all year!

Our Warm Fuzzy's

At the start of the term we discussed some class rules. We came up with some great ideas. To show that we agree to the class rules we created a warm fuzzy. We are going to try and be warm fuzzy's by following the rules. Here is the display we made with our rules and warm fuzzy's.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Spelling - Week 3

Click on your spelling group below to start learning your spelling words.


Name Monsters

We have been busy creating name monsters. We needed to fold our piece of paper in half and then link our name, we then put it up against the window to trace it to create a mirror image. Next we coloured in the inside of our name with bright colours. We went over the outline of our name with a black crayon. Lastly we dyed our artwork a nice bright colour. Mrs Larsen has put them up in our clock bay. It brightens it up a lot. I think they look great! What do you think?

Swimming with Our Buddies

On Thursday we invited our buddies to have a swim with us. We really enjoyed splashing around having fun with them. We spend a whole hour in the pool! It was great fun.

Observational Drawing with Room 14

On Tuesday Room 14 came to do art with us. Our focus was continuous line drawing.We each got an art pencil, a mirror and found our buddy. We got our books and started drawing our eyes. Mrs Larsen showed us how to draw them the correct shape. After that we tried drawing our mouth. Lastly Mrs Larsen showed us where to draw all of the features on our face. We had a go at drawing our whole face. Watch the space to see how they turn out once we add some colour.

Meeting our Buddy Class

On the very first day of school we got up to something already, we went to Room 14 and helped them make fish hand-prints. We painted their hand the colour they chose and made either a fish or an octopus. For an octopus they placed their hand twice, palm in the same place but fingers in a different place. For a fish they put their hand down once with the thumb sticking out. After we finished painting we read some books with them. Here's some pictures.

Art with Room 7

On Friday Mrs Larsen took us to see our art class Room 7. We helped them make hand pirates. First we got our buddies and an art shirt. Next we painted their hand red on the bottom of their palm, skin colour in the middle of their palm and back on the top of their palm and fingers. We we finished we read a story with them. They are going to add eyes and detail when they are dry. I cant wait to see how they turn out.

Snowball Fight

On Thursday Room 15 had a snowball fight. We each got a bit of paper and wrote 3 things about ourselves that no one would know about us. After we finished writing on the paper we screwed it up into a shape of a ball. When Mrs Larsen said go we had a snow ball fight. At the end of the fight we read out what it said on the snowball. We tried to figure out who it belonged to. It was lots of fun.