Tuesday, March 26, 2019


On Thursday 21st March it was World Poetry Day. We have been reading lots of different poems so we thought we would have a go at writing our own. We each chose a colour. We then created a senses poem for the colour. Here are a couple of them.

Red smells like a big fat strawberry thats ready to eat.
Red looks like a smoking fireball.
Red tastes like a big sweet juicy apple.
Red sounds like a fire truck siren blasting.
Red feels like a gooey sticky blood.

That’s RED!

Te Huatahi:

Red smells like hot, spicy jalapenos burning my mouth.
Red looks like roses that stand out in a field of grass.
Red tastes like soft, sweet, ripe strawberries.
Red sounds like the hot, burning fire.
Red feels like blood rapidly pouring out of my body.
That’s Red!

Monday, March 25, 2019

Christchurch Attack

On Monday we had an assembly to remember & honour the victims & their families of the terrorist attack in Christchurch last Friday. We wore ribbons on our right wrist to represent Canterbury and the victims who died. Ms O'Connor, Mrs Benton, Mr Ohia and the priest from the Samoan church all spoke and we sang a song too. During the raising and lowering of our flag to half mast we sang our national anthem. After, back in class we wrote messages on our ribbons to the families and friends of the victims and then tied them to the front fence along side our 50 broken hearts which represent the 50 victims of the Christchurch terrorist attack.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Be Safe. Be Seen.

Be Safe. Be Seen. That's what is written on the back of our bright yellow vests. McCarthy Transport came to talk to the school about being safe when around trucks. We learnt lots of information about trucks and how to be safe when we see them. Our class was so lucky to be the only ones to walk down to Springvale Stadium and see the trucks up close. Sitting inside the cab we realised that the drivers can not see as much as we thought in their mirrors. It gave us a real insight to where we have to be to be seen by the truck drivers. What an amazing experience. We got to take the vests home so we can wear them when we are walking or biking around our community so we can be seen and be safe.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Water Fight

What an awesome day for a water fight! He Puna Hangahanga got together with He Puna Kawenga and He Puna Pumanawa for a water fight on the astroturf. We split into our houses and the battle was on! With safe areas to fill up our water guns and bottles while others were running around trying to defend our house. Loud screams and laughter were heard and there was even a few people trying to hide behind teachers for protection. Cant wait for another water fight in term 4.

Aiming High!

We have all chosen a goal to work on and are now aiming high to achieve these.

Friday, March 1, 2019

Random Acts

A week ago we celebrated Radom Acts of Kindness. Room 7 surprised us by doing our rubbish and recycling job for us. We went around and did rubbish pick up for the entire school. One of our lovely parents brought in some delicious raspberry buns for us and one boy even brought in some delicious lollies for the teachers to have in their after school meeting. It was great to see everyone being extra kind to everyone this week.

Cup Stacking

Stack 10 cups to make a pyramid without using our hands. That was the instruction we were given! We worked in groups and all we were given was a piece of string, rubber band and 10 cups. Some groups thought it was impossible, some groups persisted and some groups even tried to cheat! After one group kindly shared their idea we started to have some success.