Thursday, April 12, 2018

Duffy Role Model Assembly

Catherine Cheatley visited us today for our Duffy Role Model Assembly. She was born in Wanganui and has lived in other parts of New Zealand but is back living here now. When she was young she tried many sports but at 12 years old had a go at cycling and loved it! She has visited a variety of countries and done some amazing achievements over her cycling carer. Like representing New Zealand in the Olympics, the Commonwealth Games, World Track Cycling Champs where she got a bronze medal and was the top ranked cyclist in the USA in 2010. Sebastian was lucking enough talk to her afterwards and have a ride on her bike. He shared his story and photos with the class. We really enjoyed listening to Catherine's story and some of us hope that we can represent our city or country in the future in our chosen sports.

Monday, April 9, 2018


We had so much fun at the disco last week. Everyone got all dressed up and put their dancing shoes on. Thanks to the CIA for organising this for us.

Duffy Books

We love our Duffy books that Catherine Cheatley presented to us at the Duffy role model assembly. We enjoyed sharing them with our friends and classmates and reading them to ourselves.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Making Butter

We are scientists! What will happen if we put liquid cream in a glass jar and shake it? After some shaking we noticed that the cream was turning into a solid, a bit like whipped cream. After a lot more shaking about 15 minutes we observed that the solid was turning yellow and there was white liquid. We now know that the yellow solid was butter and the white liquid is butter milk. We had made butter by just shaking the cream and separating the butter and butter milk. Most of us tried our butter  on bread or crackers and thought it was yum! I wonder what we will investigate next as scientists?