Thursday, September 18, 2014

Cross Country

A few weeks ago we had the school cross country. We have been training for weeks! The seniors students ran around the school out onto the street then back in and ran around the field again. It was a long track but they did so well.  Lots of the Room 15 boys came in the top 10. Way to go team.


Lion Art

We have made some really great Lion collages. What do you think?

Roaming Lions

We have some Roaming Lions in Room 15. These boys are so lucky. They have proven to Mrs Larsen that they are responsible learners. In class they always ensure their work is completed on time and they make good choices. Now they are roaming lions. This means they have permission to work anywhere in the class. The three lucky boys are Caleb, Zhyon and Cylis. They all have a badge. When they want to roam they need to write on the whiteboard where they are going, they also need to wear there badge so other teachers know they have permission to roam. They have definitely made themselves at home in the staffroom!

Making Spinning Tops

For our writing we learnt how to make spinning tops using milk bottle tops and toothpicks. After we made spinning tops we wrote a procedure to teach others. Check out the students blogs to learn how.

Our Inquiry

This term for our inquiry we have been having lots of fun learning all about electricity. To tune into our inquiry we played operation. It was so much fun and really got us wondering.

During our Finding Out and Sorting Out stage Mrs Larsen has given us lots of challenges and opportunities to use electrical equipment to solve them. We have made light bulbs go, used switches, learnt about parallel and series circuits, drawn circuits using the scientific symbols and even made LED lights go using lemons and potatoes. How cool!


This term we went back to the Wanganui Boys and Girls Gym club. Leslie worked with out class. We got taught how to land safely, forward and backward rolls, dive rolls, cartwheels and flips safely. We loved working with Leslie learning all the new skills and trying them out on the equipment.

Tennis Courts

A few weeks ago we went down to our local tennis courts to use all the skills we have been taught with Gene. We loved using the ball machine and playing on the different courts. We also discovered that Miss Thiele and Mrs Larsen are good!!

Tennis with Gene

This term we were given another chance to learn tennis with Gene. Gene came and taught us last year so we were excited when we heard he was coming back. We know all about how to score a game, serve, hit with forehand and backhand and how to have a rally. It's been so much fun.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Zero Waste

A while a go Matua Hadi came to our class and taught us all about composting. We learnt all about composting and how to make a worm farm. Matua Hadi brought some worms to school for us to look at. After we looked closely at the worms we made a home for them using milk bottles, sticks, grass food scraps, straw and cardboard. It was heaps of fun. Thanks Matua Hadi.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

We Are Back!!

I know you have probably been thinking whats happened to Room 15. We have just been so super busy. That's all!! But we are back so watch this space and we will update you on what we have been doing for the past few months.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Dangerous Decibels

A few weeks ago Tracey from the Hearing Association came to school to talk to our class about dangerous decibels. She told us we should either turn it down, walk away or wear ear plugs or ear muffs. We learnt all about the hair cells inside our ear and that once we have damaged them we can't fix them. At the end of the lesson we all got to have a god with some tuning forks, We loved going around hitting everything and listening/seeing them vibrate. Tracy gave everyone in our class some ear plugs so we can protect our ears.We had a great time with Tracy.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Skeleton Names

This term our art focus is collage. We discussed how a collage is a piece of art made by using different materials glued onto a backing.

So we made a skeleton name collage. We cut out our names and different bones shapes from white paper and glued them onto black paper to create a skeleton.

They look great!

May Day Expo

Today was MAY Day so went went to the May Expo and we learnt all about MAY Day. MAY Day stands for Disabilities May Affect You Day. At the expo Chris Ross spoke to us. He has an arm missing and is a paralympian. He talked to us about cycling and the things he needed to do to go to the 2012 London Paralympics. He said that no matter how much people tease you, you should never give up.

Banyan Trees

For art this term we have been using pastels. We learnt how to blend pastels using transitional colours. We created Baynan trees. Banyan trees start off as a little tree and trunk. As they grow the branches grow back down into the ground to form more trunks. The can grow very very big and people often think its not just one tree.

We used paint and bright coloured pastels to create our banyan trees.

Sunday, May 11, 2014


For our inquiry about Anzac Day we used pastel to create a poppy art work. They look amazing.

Anzac Posters

We have been learning all about Anzac. We used the information we learnt and images to create a piece of digital artwork about Anzac.




Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Buddy Afternoon

Today the whole school had buddy afternoon. So we got together with Room 1 and made sculptures out of the driftwood, pumice and shells we collected from the beach. It was great to see everyone working so well together.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Day Out

Today we had a day out to learn more about Anzac Day. We went to the Memorial Hall to look at an Anzac display, walked around Queens Park with a local historian, went up the Durie Hill War Memorial Towar and went to the museum to take part in a play about the War.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How To Draw A Poppy

For art today we looked at how to draw poppies. We have been practicing in our art books. We watched this video to learn how to draw them.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Our New Habit

Today we watched a You Tube clip about Persisting. After watching the clip we made a brainstorm to show what we thought persisting meant.