Sunday, October 29, 2017

Te Rangimaire Kawakawa Balm

As part or our 'So What, Now What?' part of our inquiry from last term we decided to form a business and produce kawakawa balm.  We got into small groups eg labeling, mangers, production team, brand name, logo, website, posters etc.  Over three weeks we all work really hard to do our jobs.  We came up with the brand name Te Rangimarie which means peace in Te Reo Māori. Our product is called Kawakawa Healing Balm.  We were all so proud of our efforts and especially selling our product at our Carlton Carnival.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Making Sushi

Our cooking group was very lucky to have Me Suk (Yoonsu's Mum) come and show us how to prepare and make gimbap or kimbap.  It is from South Korea and looks like Japanese sushi. She had done a lot of work at home that morning cooking the meat and egg and cutting up some of the vegetables. The group had to cut the rest of the ingredients up into thin long strips.  We carefully watched Me Suk demonstrate how to make a gimbap.  We thought it looked easy but when it was our turn we realised that it was a lot harder than it looked.  Rolling it up with lots of fillings in it was not such a great idea!  Cutting it up so it didn't fall apart was another challenge.  We put them in special containers and were excited to taste them. Some of us tried it at morning tea time and others of us were taking them home for our families. It was great to see so many boys trying different foods for the first time. We thank Me Suk very much for coming in and sharing her knowledge and expertise.