Thursday, August 31, 2017

Scottish Dancing

We are enjoying learning Scottish dancing at Rutherford. They have a great dance studio we use and learn new dances.  Debbie Roxburgh has taught as two dances that we are beginning to remember well.

Harakeke Flowers

We were lucky to have Mrs Wilton-Scott come and teach us how to make a flower out of harakeke. We learnt the protocol of cutting the harakeke too. We had to weave it and then tie it into a flower shape.  We found it quite hard but most of us persevered to finish the weaving.  We look forward to giving them away as a gift.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Our Museum Trip

On Thursday we went to our local museum to learn about fibre.  We saw some tapa cloth and we got to create our own design that could be used on a tapa cloth.  We then had lunch in the sun and went for a walk to another place where we learnt about weaving with fibres and harakeke.  There we got to make our own loom and practiced weaving with a lot of different fibres.  We also got to strip some harakeke to see the fibres within the plant.