Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bike Safety

On Monday and Tuesday Constable Val came in and talked to the class about bike safety. On the first day we discussed how our bikes and helmets need to meet the legal requirements for them to be safe. On the second day we completed an obstacle. We learnt how to indicate and turn corners correctly and what to do at a stop sign. Constable Val is coming back next week to do more with us. I wonder what it will be.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Blogging King

This term, each week, I will be looking for a Blogging King. Someone who has ensured their blog is updated with relevant information and ensure their blog looks good. Our blog of the week this week is Casey.

Striving for Accuracy

Lots of people have been striving for accuracy so I found it really challenging to choose one. In the end the winner was TePaerangi for his shape picture, well done!

King of the Den

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Our New HOM

Today we started focusing on our new HOM, Taking Responsible Risks. We talked about what that means to us. What risk have you always wanted to take?


This term for maths we are learning about Geometry. We started off by going over what 2D shapes we know and learning a few more we weren't aware of like a trapezium and a parallelogram. The boys used there knowledge to create a shape picture.


Holiday Art

On the first day back the boys created a piece of art, using sharpie and dye, to show what they did in the holidays. They look great!


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Welcome Back!

Welcome back everyone. We have now fully updated our blog with all the lost posts and will be back in action for the rest of the term.

We have an extremely busy term. Lots will be happening so watch this space to see what we get up to.

Food For Thought

A couple of weeks ago we had a visit from Nova who is a food nutritionist. She came to talk to us about eating healthy foods. When she first came into our class she drew up a food pyramid  and then we had to figure out what foods we thought went in which part of the pyramid. Then the next time she came we each got a packet either rice snaps, coco snaps and wheat biscuits and we had to read out how much fat, sugar, energy, sodium and also how much dietary fibre the each had in them. We also went down to New World and were given an activity sheet to fill in. We had to choose a treat food or a every day food. It was fantastic.

Ms O'Connor's Milk Experiment

A few weeks ago Ms O'Connor come to our class to do a milk experiment with the class. We were in 4 groups and we had a bowl each. We filled the milk up to half way. There was four food colourings, we were only allowed three different colours. After that we put 1 food coloring in at a time. When we had put the last food coloring in we put the dish washing liquid onto one of the food colourings. It made little bubbles and swirled around. It was fun as.

Closing Ceremony

On Monday it was the Carlton School Olympics Closing Ceremony, that's when they hand out the medals to the people that got a gold, and for the people with second and third place you got a ribbon and a certificate. I got a gold in sprints because I am super fast and in vortex, I picked up a second place, it was just too hard to beat Cole because he has a strong arm. The gold medals were  made out of  wood and they were spray painted gold, on the front they said Carlton School Olympic Champion.
There was a special guest that came to hand out the gold medals, she was an Olympic athlete. Her name was Phillipa Baker-Hogan. She placed fourth in the wom'n;s double skulls rowing final just one place away from a bronze. That was in 1992. She also went to the Olympics in 1996 and got 6th in the womans double sculls final.
Over all I think every body did their best and I felt proud because I got a gold and silver medal.
All Room 15 did pretty well. Check out the winners.
By Keylen

Philippa Baker-Hogan

A few weeks ago we searched some information about Philippa Baker-Hogan because she was going to present the gold medals at the Carlton School Olympics, here are some of the facts we found out. She had a walkway named after her in Wanganui, she is now a member of the Wanganui District Council, she has won 47 rowing world titles and was the first female rower in NZ to get a world title, she used to be a rower in the Olympics and just missed a bronze coming 4th. She has won quite a few medals in women's lightweight singles and women's double sculls.

Olympics Heats And Finals

Last term on Monday it was the start of the Carlton School Olympics. There was 12 sports that we had to go around and try in our houses. We had to find the person that was the best at each one of those sports and they would go through to the final. On Monday we did 2 events. Then on Tuesday we had to do 5 events. But on Wednesday it was to wet to carry on so on Thursday we had to do another 5 events. It was very hard on Thursday because I got a pulled hamstring which was so sore that I had to go home. Then finally on Friday it was the finals. You could only go into the finals for three events. I won at soccer dribbling, hockey dribbling and I came second for long distance. It was an awesome week but a sore one at times but I think that it was worth it.
By Jake

Supermarket Visit

A few weeks ago we went to the supermarket with Nova for label reading. First we walked to New World and met Nova there. Secondly Nova talked to us and told us what we were to do and gave us a sheet. We found out what was healthy and what wasn't healthy. We read the labels on the back and found out important information about which food is healthy. After that we learnt about the different colour fruit groups. When we were done Nova said well done then we walked out to the bus and went back to school.   

Palmerston Trip

Last term Room's 3, 4, 5, 6 and 15 went to Palmerston. When we were there we went to the Regent Theatre to watch a show called Magnolia Street. The show was about a lady who meets a boy. The old lady teaches him to not be such an idiot. After that we went to the Esplanade to have lunch and to have a run around. When lunch was up we went to the Lido Aquatic Center to have a swim and play on the hydroslide. Once we had done that we packed up and went home.

Totara House Meeting

On Tuesday Week Eight, Totara had a house meeting about our house anthem and flag at the Carlton School Olympics. People from each house could put in a suggestion for an anthem and a flag. Totara's anthem was Queen "We are the champions" and our flag said Totara in the middle and had a koru at the top saying in the middle we are the champions. All of Totara had to learn the song of by heart and say that they will try their best.

By Isaiah