Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fun Day Out

To celebrate such a great term Room 14 and Room 1 went to the Splash Center on Friday for the whole morning. We then came back and watched a movie called Jumanji. What a great way to end the term!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Abstract Castles

Our art design topic this term is Castles. To start off our topic we looked at Paul Klee's abstract castle.

We thought we could create our own. I think they look great.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Big storm on Saturday

On Saturday there was a huge storm in Wanganui. It was really scary at the start. There was hail, thunder, lightening and heavy rain. The lightening hit the bottom of my fence and it came flying off. Even at school there are a lot of trees fallen over and branches broken. At Mrs Larsen's house there was a huge tree that went into there driveway from their next door neighbours.
By TeKaha

Production Practice

This week and last week we have been doing full out production practices. At pratice we have to take all of our work for the day so we have something to do in our spare time. Our first show is on Wednesday at 1:30 and the after school shows on Wednesdxay and Thursday start at 6:00, so we are getting really excited to perform on Wednesday. Hopefully we get a big crowd.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Drawing Castles

For art this term our topic is design. We have spent the last week drawing castles in 3D. Check out this video. It guides you step by step over what we have been doing in class.
TeacherTube Videos - Draw A Castle 3D Step By Step

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Chance Card Winner

Campbell did it again. Way to go Campbell!

Duffy Book Winner

Congratulations Shannon. You have worked really hard this week and deserve that book. Keep it up!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Loud Shirt Day

Today it was loud shirt day. Everyone was encouraged to wear their loudest shirt and make a donation to support the hearing impaired. I think we did a pretty good job and we were definitely loud. Congratulations Kobi for having the loudest shirt in Room 14, he got a cool prize from Mr Petersen.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Smart Sharks lend a helping hand

For a few weeks now Room 1's Smart Sharks have been collecting lots of items that would be useful to people in Christchurch. They made contact with a school down in Christchurch and asked if they would like to be the recipients of the goodies. The Smart Sharks arranged the Army to take the items down for them. Check out what they donated good job Room 1.

Triangles Maths Group

The triangles maths group has been working really hard on their learning intention, to find a fraction of a set using multiplication and division. I have been learning to use voicethread so we worked togther to create a voice thread to show they have mastered there walt. Aren't they clever!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Today the Year 6's went back to Rutherford for their last YAP day this term. A lot of students didn't get to go because they had production practice or the netball tournament. I decided to go to Rutherford as well to get some photos and videos to show what they get up to. Treyzhan programmed his robot to move. Joshua did lots of different types of printmaking, Trayven had fun doing gymnastics and TeKaha worked on his Kapa Haka performance. Other children from our school also had a go at cooking and 3 of our very clever students performed a song they learnt in band.

Year 5's

Today we went to Room 6 beacuse the Year 6's went to Rutherford. The teacher in Room 6 was Mr Hopkins. In Room 6 we sung some songs and wrote a story about earthquakes. We also played a game of Netball. Then it was morning tea. We had lots of fun in Room 6.
By Nathanael and Campbell

Carlton School Production

On the 22nd of September the school is doing a Production called I love the knight life. There is about 65 people in the production. The tickets cost $2. I think it will be cool. Here are a couple of photos of the rehearsals.
By Dean


Over the past few weeks our class has been making observational drawings of castles using pencil. First we had to draw the castle in our art books. Then we had to show Mrs Larsen before we could darw the castle on a bigger piece of paper. Once we had darwn the castle we had to add details and shading. When our castle was finished Mrs Larsen cut around our castle and glued in onto a coloured piece of paper along with the castle we had observationally drawn.
By Pita

Monday, September 13, 2010


We are becoming a habits of mind school. So we have been looking closely at the habit, Persisting. We created a wordle with all the things we thought persisting means.

After that Mrs Larsen got us to work in groups to design a poster about Persisting. We then shared our posters and said what we liked best about the posters. A group of boys then used these ideas to create a poster for our class. This is our poster. What do you think?

Word Activity

For the past few weeks Room 14's word activity is to use similes. We had to describe our someone in our family. It was very hard and we all liked it. Here is mine.

My Little Sister
Your eyes are brown like a tree.
You laugh is like a hyena.
You hands are little like a mouse.
Your hair is as black as the night sky.
Your mouth is as big as an elephant.
Your teeth are sharp like a tiger.

By William

Dean wins table bingo

On Monday Dean won table bingo with Mr Neilson. Dean won 3 cool fruits because he had two fat ladies 88. Two fat ladies was the last number Mr Neilson said. When Dean said bingo I was sad because I neaded 1 more number to win. It was click-ity-click 66. Dean was happy when he found out that he had won.
By TeKaha

Friday, September 10, 2010

Chance Card Winner

Congratulations Campbell. He was the lucky person who had his chance card pulled out at this weeks assembly. Keep up the great work!

New Blogs

Today some boys in Room 14 worked really hard to set up their own email and blog. They had an opportunity to change their blog background and text colour. I have added links to their blogs on ours. Check them out and tell them what you think.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thanks Mr Petersen

We are really lucky. Mr Petersen kindly gave our class some extra laptops. Thanks so much we love them and I'm sure they will get lots of use.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Glitter Graphic Text -

We've reached 3000 blog hits so I decided to give our blog a bit of a makeover. What do you think?

Hero Factory

One day when i went on blog I saw a link to a website called Hero Factory. I made a hero. He is called Twin Rocket. We have put some hero's people made on the wall. They look great.
By Matthew

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Room 12 Art

Today we went back to Room 12 to help them finish their art work. We finished adding materials for eyes etc to create a face. We think they look great, what do you think?


Yesterday Room 14 had Mr Neilson. We were playing a game of tables bingo. 20 numbers went by then Jahzia said BINGO!. "Yum I get 5 cool fruits" he said laughing.

High School Play

On Tuesday in week 6 we went to High School to watch their production High School Musical. When we got there we had to run around the field 2 time because they weren't ready to take us in. After 2 laps we had to line up in groups of 2 so we had a buddy. When we got inside there was already a lot of kids in there so we got separated into 2 groups so we could actually fit in there. When it started there was a lot of noise then it went down. At the end of the production everyone was talking about there favorite bit. Most people said it was the end when they kissed.
By Kobi

Monday, September 6, 2010

Mothball's Journey

Mothball has enjoyed his time here in New Zealand. He has been on lots of sleepovers and is making lots of new friends. Here is what Jonathan and Mothball got up to.

It was a scorching hot day as mothball and I bolted home, our legs quickly tired as they were flopping around like sausages.
We rushed home because the moment had finally arrived. Mothball and I were going to see "Step Up 3D".
First something more exciting, subway to kill the hunger pains! No one likes to eat popcorn, ice cream and coke on an empty stomach. Mothball and I had a meatball sub.
At the movies Mothball jumped up and down with a popcorn box on his head. He was so excited about seeing the movie. Mothball thought that the 3D glasses were extraordinary. It made the movie pop out like popcorn being popped. The songs and dancing were funky.
We loved it!

Spelling Homework

Click on the link to take you to Spelling City. It's a great site to help you learn this weeks spelling words.
Week Eight-Spelling List

Friday, September 3, 2010

Joshua's Lucky Day

Joshua was lucky to get 2 prizes in today's assembly. Firstly he was made player of the day for his soccer team. Secondly he got his chance card opulled out of the box. He choose a stress man. He thought it was a great prize and said I can borrow it next week in class :)

Duffy Books

Congratulations Matthew and David. They were both very lucky to get a Duffy Book in assembly. Keep up the hard work you two.

Room 12 Assembly

Today our art buddies, Room 12, had an assembly item. Unfortunately they couldn't use the projector like they had planned so they made last minute changes. Dakota came to the rescue and read there story for them while they acted it out. He did an awesome job. Well done Room 12. We loved your masks!

Dare t.shirts

Today Constable Tanya came to Carlton School to give us our Dare t.shirts. The classes that got t.shirts were Room 14, Room 4, Room 5 and Room 6. The t.shirt colours were grey, orange and black. How do we look?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Supermarket Visit

On Wednesday Room 14 walked to Pak'n'Save. When we got their we got split into groups of four. We were given a sheet which we had to complete in the Supermarket. We had to find the nutrional information on cereal boxes, drinks, snack foods and bread. I found it was hard but it was fun! After we finished we were really lucky beacuse we were given a $50 gift card to spend on healthy food.
By Matt

Room 12 Artists

Today we went to Room 12 to help them continue with their art work. We used lots of different materials for their hair, facial features, t.shirts and background. Even Mrs Robertson is giving it a go. I think they are off to a great start. What do you think?