Saturday, October 17, 2020


This week we started badminton lessons with Mr Feist. We will have 6 lessons in total. It was great to either learn new skills or refresh our skills from last year. Some of us found it challenging but we persisted to achieve or get better at the skill.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Creating out of Recycled Materials

 The last week of term was very creative. After reading articles on what we could create our of different materials we set to work to make them. Each group used different techniques and materials. We had shell wind chimes, pictures made of paper using the skill of quilling. photo frames decorated with craft materials, faces made of shells, jewellery made of leather and glass gems. Here are a few of our creations.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Saving Sammy

To use the team work skills we have learnt over the last few weeks we had the task of 'Saving Sammy'. 

Sammy had been on his boat and it sank and he ended up on top of the boat and his life ring was under the boat. Can you get the life ring around Sammy only touching the paper clips?

The rules were ...

You must not touch anything except the 4 paper clips you have to help you.

Sammy must not fall to the ground move than 4 times otherwise he drowns.

You must not stab Sammy and hurt him or stab the life ring or it will pop.

We soon found out that his task was very challenging and some of us got lustrated. Our teams kept persisting and we all achieved the task and released thinking creatively and clear communication was key to our success.

Look at our videos below to see how we got on.

Video Clip 1

Video Clip 2

Video Clip 3

Building Huts!

To use the team work skills we have learnt over the last few weeks we had the task of making a shelter for a lego character. The criteria was ...

It must have a roof.

It must have at least 2 walls.

You must use 3 different materials you find outside.

It must with stand the 'Big Bad Wolf' blowing from 30cm away.

We had so much fun in our groups and were very creative with our shelters!

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Recycling Centre Trip

What an interesting time we had at the Wanganui Recycling Centre. We had a tour around the centre and learnt about what they do and don't recycle. It was then our turn to recycle the things we had brought along. That was fun trying to find the correct bin to put them in. Walking around the pebble garden we could see so many people had been creative to make a variety of sculptures out of recyclable and 'rubbish' materials. Inside the classroom we watched a video which gave us more information on what happens to all the things we recycle and where it goes. We were then lucky enough to create our own piece of artwork with recyclable materials. Our class had a great time and learnt so many new things and we also were able to be creative too.

Monday, September 7, 2020

Team Work

For inquiry we are learning how to work in groups. One of our activities was to take turns in groups of 4 while completing a puzzle. We were not allowed to touch another team mates pieces. Teams who could communicate easily or had a leader (someone who took charge) found the activity easy and fun.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Carlton School Cross Country

We had a successful day at Rutherford Intermediate for our over 8 year olds Carlton School Cross Country. Unfortunately due to Level 2 restrictions we were unable to have our friends and family there to support us.  We took lots of photos for them to see us running and have got that link on our Carlton School website. Click here for photos.

Here are just some of the photos of us running. Congratulations to the members of our class that came in the top ten in their race.

8 Year old Boys

1st - Eli Andrews

2nd - Khan Nugent

4th - Ashton Harvey

7th - Erueti Beckham

9 Year old Boys

3rd - Kahukura Findlay

4th - Nate Ward Collins

9th - Giacon Schwamm

10th - Ra Hina

10+ Year Old Boys

1st - Travis Andrews

2nd - Lincon Wilson

3rd - Caleb Pryce

5th - Brydon Wason

6th - Iosua Tyrell

8th - Karel Harris

9th - Haami Rowe

10th - Khadyn Williams

Friday, August 28, 2020

Year 6's Visit To Wanganui Intermediate School

Last Wednesday all the Carlton School Year 6's boarded the bus for their 'taster' at Wanganui Intermediate School. We got to go to Music, Science, Cooking and Hard Materials. At cooking we made fruit kebabs. During Science we experimented with lightbulbs and heated up metal with the bunsen burner and observed what happened. Music time was singing in harmony and playing music with boom whackers! Lastly at Hard Materials we made our own key ring to take home. We had to use different tools to make the hole, sand it and write our name on it. A great afternoon had by all.