Friday, May 30, 2014

Dangerous Decibels

A few weeks ago Tracey from the Hearing Association came to school to talk to our class about dangerous decibels. She told us we should either turn it down, walk away or wear ear plugs or ear muffs. We learnt all about the hair cells inside our ear and that once we have damaged them we can't fix them. At the end of the lesson we all got to have a god with some tuning forks, We loved going around hitting everything and listening/seeing them vibrate. Tracy gave everyone in our class some ear plugs so we can protect our ears.We had a great time with Tracy.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Skeleton Names

This term our art focus is collage. We discussed how a collage is a piece of art made by using different materials glued onto a backing.

So we made a skeleton name collage. We cut out our names and different bones shapes from white paper and glued them onto black paper to create a skeleton.

They look great!

May Day Expo

Today was MAY Day so went went to the May Expo and we learnt all about MAY Day. MAY Day stands for Disabilities May Affect You Day. At the expo Chris Ross spoke to us. He has an arm missing and is a paralympian. He talked to us about cycling and the things he needed to do to go to the 2012 London Paralympics. He said that no matter how much people tease you, you should never give up.

Banyan Trees

For art this term we have been using pastels. We learnt how to blend pastels using transitional colours. We created Baynan trees. Banyan trees start off as a little tree and trunk. As they grow the branches grow back down into the ground to form more trunks. The can grow very very big and people often think its not just one tree.

We used paint and bright coloured pastels to create our banyan trees.

Sunday, May 11, 2014


For our inquiry about Anzac Day we used pastel to create a poppy art work. They look amazing.

Anzac Posters

We have been learning all about Anzac. We used the information we learnt and images to create a piece of digital artwork about Anzac.