Friday, May 15, 2015

Self Portrait

We have used crayon and dye to make some self portraits to brighten up our class. We love them!

Day in the Trenches

We went at spent some time in the trenches, for real! We got an opportunity to have some free play time,  a couple of challenges and wrote diary entries. Here are a couple of stories we wrote the next day.

Sam Wrote this…

I am pretending I am a Turk. I am up on the hill taking cover. Gun fire is whistling past my head. I am frightened and I don't know if I have enough ammo. My friends are all dead. I wish I was at home. I've taken a bullet to the shoulder. I need a medic but I don't have a radio to contact one.  Then I see our medic running towards me.  I' m not alone.

Jake wrote this…

Our First Challenge.

BANG, BANG goes the gun as we try to get the food in the really watery and muddy trench. We only had a rope and a piece of newspaper and the supplies on us. Jaxon says I will sacrifice myself for my team but he did not die or get injured he fell on the ground in the mud. He was all wet and muddy so we had to keep trying. We did not get the food, only two teams got the food. Luckily we got a ration packet and it had a ANZAC cookie in it. It was soft but nice!         

Monday, May 4, 2015

Last Terms Inquiry

Last term for our inquiry we learnt all about being friends. We decided for our 'So What, Now What' to create a video. What do you think?