Monday, February 28, 2011

Zero Waste

Today we started a programme called Zero Waste. For the next 4 days Mr Gurton is coming in to teach us all about recycling.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Simply The Best

This week Kahu has been Striving for Accuracy and Precision in all area. It was hard to choose 1 piece of work because he has been trying hard with everything! Keep it up Kahu!

King Of The Den

Friday, February 25, 2011

Meeting Studio Two

Today we went out to Fordell School to see Mrs Fraser(Ms Wyatt) and meet our buddy class Studio Two. When we arrived we had a quick introduction then we were off to the pool. We just loved the pool (even though it was much colder than ours) and the diving board. Even Kingi had a go!

After that we headed back to school and had lunch. During lunch we met the principal and Studio Two taught us a new game, pig hunting. It was great! After lunch we had a tour around the school. We checked out their library, wheer their chicken coop is going to go and where their hall is going to be. We can't believe how small their school is. It's smaller than two of our senior classes! Lastly we played some game together. Midnight and seaweed. We had a blast out their. We can't wait to get together with them again and show them around our school.

Thanks Studio Two for having us. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Class Weekly Reflection

What: On Wednesday we did our BP Technology Challenge. It was a lot of fun. We had to make a marble track. The one that made the best track with at least one curve was the winner. Tarron's groups won. On Thursday we had our first Kapa Haka lesson. We have a new teacher Matua Ashley. On Friday after morning tea Room 15 went and visited Mrs Fraser and Studio Two at Fordell School. We played lots of games and went for a swim in their pool. All of us loved the diving board. We have played tackle seaweed and went to Room 3 to do their spelling testing.

So What: When we were at Fordell School some of us learnt how to play a game called pig hunter. Some of us learnt how to change the background on our blogs. We learnt some new waiata in Kapa Haka. We learnt about blends for spelling. Some of us learnt a new game called multi sports.

Now What: Our class goal is to work quietly so we can get our work done, that way we will get more fun time. We want to do more BP Technology Challenges, more IT, more P.E, more hut building and learn more art. We also want the teachers to join in the games.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our Wordles

We have been creating wordles about ourselves. Here are a few.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

BP Technology Challenge

Today our BP Technology Challenge was to make a marble track. The boys could use anything in the classroom. The one requirement was, the track must have a curve. Congratulations Zane, Isaiah, Caleb and Tarron for building the winning track.


In Week Two Room 15 started swimming we first had some races to sort out which groups we were in. Mrs Larsen had two groups, Mrs Macvoy had one and Mr Burgess also had a group.
We sometimes get to play games. I like swimming.

By Te Waoriki

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fun Time

Today for fun time we made huts using our classroom furniture and sheets. It was so much fun! It was great to see the boys being creative and playing nicely together. We even had a hut with its own air conditioning(a fan). I can't wait to see their designs next time.


First we had to do a me sheet, we had to add lots of detail to it. Next we got a ball of string and a buddy. They put the string from your head to toes to measure our height. We also got a piece of paper and we had to write something about what you will want to improve on this year. The very last thing to do was to dig a hole, we put the time capsule in the hole and covered it back up.


At the very start of school we made a sheet all about us to let people know all about us. It took us at least 1 week but all the people who could work fast did it a lot quicker.

Here is our me sheet display

By Eyra

Class Photo In A Tree

On Friday we had a class photo for our blog. The Photo was taken down the bank in a tree. It was hard to find a good tree. When we got up the tree it was hard to find a good spot in the tree. Eventually we did and we got the photo taken. By Tarron

The Flag

On the first day off school we were given two job for Carlton school. One off them was the flag and the other one was recycling. Three people have to do recycling and one person has to do the flag. Every morning when we get to school we have to do put it up and every afternoon we have to put it down.

By Keightley

New Teacher Aid

3 weeks ago we got a new Teacher Aid in our class his name is Mr Burgess. He is a good teacher. He takes supervised games. Supervised games are when a teacher gives up their lunchtime to play a game with people that want to play a game. He also helps DJ with his work. We call him Scott and he is from Scotland.

Time Out

In Room 15 we have a time out spot. The time out spot is a circle out the front and one out the back. It's for if you don't follow the classes positive choices or if you need to cool down. There are some people that have been out there from week one. When you come in you have to say sorry.


On the second day of school Room 15 did some art. Mrs Larsen gave us a sheet which had a lion on it. She told us to colour it in. When we were finished we had to give itto Mrs Larsen and she would put them on our window. Ms Macovy made the trees and she made the grass for our lions. We turned our window into a jungle. When we had finished we had to get a sheet that had a little lion head on it. Then we went to go out side and Mrs Larsen took a photo of us. She is going put the photos on the loin heads that we made.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

Time Capsule

Today we finally went out and buried our time capsule. We are going to dig it up in the last week of school. The time capsule has a photocopy of everyone's me sheets. I wonder if we will still agree with what we wrote, at the end of the year. We also included a piece of string showing how tall we are now. Lastly we all wrote on little pieces of paper what we hope to do/achieve this year. I wonder if they will come true. Check out the photos of us burying our capsule. Hmmmm I wonder where it is.

Simply The Best

Congratulations DJ. You tried very hard to complete your maths. You have a great understanding of the strategy. Well done!

King Of The Den

Thursday, February 17, 2011

School Picnic

Today we had our Meet the Teacher's Picnic. It started at 5 and finished just after 7. Everyone brought along their yummy dinner and joined in all the games. It was lots of fun. After playing the games we all went back to our rooms and the children showed their parents around. It was great to see so many parents turn up. Thank you.

Our Special Guests

Today we were really lucky to have 2 special guests, Isaiah's Aunty and Uncle. They came to talk to us about their travels and they showed us lots of photos from all over the world. They have been nearly everywhere! Lucky them! We had a blast. '

Thanks heaps for coming and sharing the exciting stories and photos. You are welcome back any time.

BP Technology Challenge

Yesterday we had another BP Technology Challenge. I gave every group the same materials they were given last week, but this time they had to build a device that could retrieve a blackboard duster from 2 meters away. We had great fun testing them out. Congratulations Zane, William, David and Brandin for being the winners. Check out the videos below to see how each group got on.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Star's Maths Group

Today for maths the star's used a programme called sketchcast to show they have learnt a new strategy to help them add. Aren't they clever!

Zane's Maths

David's Maths

Bayley's Maths

Dean's Maths

Hand Monsters

Last week we started our hand monsters, it was great. First we had to trace around our hands but we had to make them a little larger than usual. Then we had to fill up our monster shape with different marks, spirals, etc. After that we had to put coats of indian ink around our hand monsters then we were done.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Name Monster Display

Last night Mrs Larsen put up the Name Monster Display. It looks cool and colourful and it makes the clockbay better. Now when everyone walks they see them. It took one week to finish them.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Commenting Guidelines

We are now becoming more confident with making comments on blogs so we decided to make some commenting guidelines. We liked what another class blog had come up with ( so we adjusted theirs slightly to suit us. So please read them carefully.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Way to go William!

Yay! Everyone in Room 15 was very excited today because one of our very own was selected to be a Carlton School Leader. William is very hard working, an excellent role model for the school and has an awesome attitude. Congratulations William you deserve it. You should be proud. I know I am!

King Of The Den


We finally have our success-o-meter up and running. Last week the boys decided what a king, lion and cub would do. Our aim is to be a King! Today the boys had to write their weekly reflection. After that they selected where they feel they belong on the success-o-meter. As you can see we already have some Kings this week. Good job boys.

Simply The Best

Well done Brandin. He has worked really hard on his handwriting this week. Keep up the neat work.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Playing in the pool

Today Keightley taught us a new game called River Rush. Mrs Larsen turned it into a competition. We were split into 2 teams. 1 person started in the middle. They had to rescue 1 or 2 of their team members from the side of the pool and take them safely to the other side. Then it was the next persons turn to go over and rescue someone else. If the rescuer dropped someone they were out, floating away down the river. The team who crossed the river the fastest and the safest were the winners. We had 2 goes. Each team won. We will have to have a rematch next week. Below are some photos of us playing.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

BP Technology Challenge

Today we had our first BP Technology challenge. We worked in groups. Each group was given 5 newspaper, 1 piece of A4 paper, sellotape and scissors. Our task was to make the tallest, sturdiest flag pole with a class flag. Most groups worked very well and 2 groups were very close. It came down to the sturdiest tower. Tarron was the judge and he chose Isaiah, Dean, Josh and Brandin. Congratulations boys!

Making Our Lions

On Tuesday we made lions for our success-o-meter and our classroom window. First Mrs Larsen had to take pictures of us making lion faces, then we had to pick our own lions. Next we coloured them in. By Pita and Costello

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Art - Making marks with pencil

Over the past few days the boys have been exploring how to make marks with pencil. Everyone was given 8 little pieces of paper. On each piece of paper the boys had to draw something different using different techniques. The students drew things like circles, spirals, different types of lines and many more. The boys were shown how to shade and use the art pencil many ways. They each picked their 3 favourite to display in the class with what they learnt. Here are some.

Their next step is to use the techniques taught to create a hand monster. Watch this space to see how they turn out.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Name Monsters

During our first week back at school the boys have been creating name monsters. I think they look great! What do you think?
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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week One Reflection

What: This week was our first week back at school. We are all back ready to learn. We started our first day by having a snowball fight (screwed up bits of paper) a fun way to introduce ourselves. We made things for our time capsule. We made some lions for ouw success-o-meter and window display beacuse we are the Lions Learning Den. We have been swimming already and worked togtehr to come up with some positive choices for our class and have been working hard to achieve these.

So What: Some people have learnt how to post on our blog. We have learnt being in Room 15 is a great place to be and we like having lots of great fun.

Now What: Make sure our work is finished on time. Continue to focus on our positive choices. Go outside for lots of games like rugby and soccer and have lots of fun.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Snowball Fight

On the first day of school we had a snow ball fight with paper. We wrote 3 things about ourselves on a piece of paper, then screwed it up. We used those bits of paper to have our snowball fight. After the fight we each got a snowball and sat in a circle. We shared what was on the paper we had and tried to guess who it was. It was a fun way to introduce ourselves with each other.

All About Me

Today we made a me sheet for our time capsule. It's all about us boys. We had to colour it in and make it look nice. We're planing on burying our time capsule. Here is my me sheet.
By Isaiah.

Lions Learning Den

We have been making lions. We made lions by colouring in the faces and by curling the paper up trying to make them look real. We are making them beacuse that's our class name and theme for our success-o-meter. Every Friday we reflect on our week and place ourself on the success-o-meter, where we fit. Then Mrs Larsen and mrs McAvoy choose a King! I wonder who will be our very first King.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Today we had our first class swim. It was lots of fun.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

First Day

Being the first day I'm sure you can guess what we did. We had a great snowball fight for our getting to know each other activity. We discused our class and school positive choices, rewards, consequences and created a positive choices wall. We designed people and paddles for our waka, to show we are all going in the same direction on our learning journey. Lastly we started creating name monsters for our clockbay display. Our class is going to look great in no time.

Our Class Positive Choices

Our Waka

Introducing Room 15