Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week One Reflection

What: This week was our first week back at school. We are all back ready to learn. We started our first day by having a snowball fight (screwed up bits of paper) a fun way to introduce ourselves. We made things for our time capsule. We made some lions for ouw success-o-meter and window display beacuse we are the Lions Learning Den. We have been swimming already and worked togtehr to come up with some positive choices for our class and have been working hard to achieve these.

So What: Some people have learnt how to post on our blog. We have learnt being in Room 15 is a great place to be and we like having lots of great fun.

Now What: Make sure our work is finished on time. Continue to focus on our positive choices. Go outside for lots of games like rugby and soccer and have lots of fun.

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