Thursday, February 10, 2011

Playing in the pool

Today Keightley taught us a new game called River Rush. Mrs Larsen turned it into a competition. We were split into 2 teams. 1 person started in the middle. They had to rescue 1 or 2 of their team members from the side of the pool and take them safely to the other side. Then it was the next persons turn to go over and rescue someone else. If the rescuer dropped someone they were out, floating away down the river. The team who crossed the river the fastest and the safest were the winners. We had 2 goes. Each team won. We will have to have a rematch next week. Below are some photos of us playing.


  1. What a fantastic looking game. We can't do anything like that in our pool because it is over our heads. I wonder what my class will say when they see these pictures tomorrow. When you visit the Fordell Baths you'll have to be able to float and dive...or at least get to the edge after you've done a bomb into the water because you'll never touch the bottom. Ms. Wyatt X

  2. Hi thats a funny game in the swimming pool Mrs Larsen.