Thursday, June 30, 2011

We Sadly Lost Kingi

On Wednesday someone sadly left Kingi in the Room 1 and 2 boys toilets so Mrs Larsen took Kingi home. Kingi didn't want to be in the class anymore so he went to Room 12. he is staying there until he feels he will be loved again.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Interschool Rippa Tournament

On Wednesday the 29th of June Carlton Rippa team had a tournament at Springvale Park. We had to walk all the way to Springvale Park. Our couch Mr McPhun found out how many games we were playing. We had to face 4 team's in our pool. It was called pool B. We won 2 games and tied 2 games, so we ended up winning our whole pool. Our captain was Tarron I think he was a awesome captain.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Water Towers

I.T Buddies

Last week we started working with our buddy class, Room 1. Mrs Steadman asked us to help them with their blog. We get together every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. We are focusing on logging into their blog and writing a post. They have 4 new posts on their blog already and I'm sure they will have more on Thursday. Go and check it our and make a comment. I'm sure they will love your feedback.

Click here to go to Room 1's blog

Photography Focus

This week we have started to learn photography skills ready for our school photo competition. Each week Mrs Larsen is going to teach us something new. We are going to go out and take photos and have our own weekly photo competition. Lots of us already know how to use the camera well so Mrs Larsen reminded us how to make sure our photos are in focus. Our focus for this week is to experiment with the camera and capture the moment.

After the boys have had a go they then select their photo for our class competition on Friday. I wonder who will win. Maybe they could sit on the couch too.

Here are a couple of my favourite photos taken so far.

Monday, June 27, 2011

The New Fence

Carlton School is getting a new fence, so we can have things like a go-cart track in our school grounds and it won't get vandalised. The workmen started building it last week. They began the job at the front of the school down by the dairy. The juniors have been told to keep away from the area. I hope that the juniors are not driving the fence builders mad with endless questions.

By Dean

Judo Champs

On Sunday 26th of June 3 boys from our class Tarron, Keightley, and Caleb fought in the North Wellington Judo Tournament in the New Plymouth. They all did really well Keightley walked away with 2 golds. Tarron won a gold medal and Caleb won a silver. Well done boys.

By Tarron

Friday, June 24, 2011

Merit Certificates

Congratulations Te Waoriki and Isaiah. They both received a merit certificate for their excellent effort in class.

Striving for Accuracy and Precision

William is our man this week. He worked extra hard in his own time with his cockroach inquiry. Way to go William!

King of the Den

Myspace Generators & Toys

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jump Jam

This week we started Jump Jam. We go ever day after lunch to the hall with Room 1 and 2.

Successful People

Everyone has been working hard to finish their successful people posters for our inquiry. Everyone had to choose someone in New Zealand they felt was successful. The boys included photos, a fact file and qualities about their person that they feel makes them successful. Here are some finished posters.

Water Towers

While we were on our fun day out around Wanganui we observationally drew the Water Tower. When we got back to school Mrs Larsen made them bigger on the photocopier. We then used pastel to colour them in. We glued our pastel and pencil towers onto a bright coloured piece of paper. They look great!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Experimenting with Flip Videos

As part of our new Inquiry, Mrs Larsen gave us a chance to experiment with the flip videos. After having lots of fun we created a PMI. We think they are lots of fun!

Easy to download
Small, easy to hold
Good sound
You can zoom in and out
Easy to use
Buttons easy to push
Little symbols so we know what each button means

Can’t pause filming, just stops and starts a new file
Hard to keep steady
Easy to accidently bump buttons
Can’t do as much as a normal video camera

Couldn’t work it properly
You can turn sound up
Touch screen
You can put straight into computer
You can erase videos
There are less buttons
You can watch videos

Here is one of the videos taken by Caleb. I thought it was great. It shows me he learnt to zoom in and out and had lots of fun experimenting.

Empty Lot

Today we went for a walk with Room 12 to the empty lot down the road. We talked about what we think is going there and what we would like to see there.

Add a comment to the voice thread telling us what you want to go on the empty lot.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Today we started our new inquiry, Safer Journeys, So lets get creative!

We gathered our first thoughts on safer journeys. Here's what we know.

Maths Game

Today Mrs Larsen taught us a new maths game called Fifteen. Its all about rugby, in preparation for the Rugby World Cup. The aim of the game is to make fifteen to score a try. The person with the most tries wins. It was lots of fun. We have some great rugby card players!

Monday, June 20, 2011

I Got A Pea!

Today in assembly it was Room 6's turn to choose the songs. The boys really enjoyed one of there song choices, so I thought I would put a link here for everyone.

I wonder...

Trail of the Kiwi Killer Poem

Last week Mrs Larsen got us to write a poem about thre trail of the kiwi killer.Mrs Larsen got us to publish them in the morning And here a some of them.

I followed Gretchen into the bush,
I saw a dead kiwi it looked like mush.
The scary bush frightened me,
I felt small under the tree.
It was dark and I heard a dog,
That sounded like a big fat frog!

By William

Friday, June 17, 2011

Mystery Envelope

The boys tried hard all week to do the job inside the mystery envelope and finally on the last day it was done. At the end of the day we got to see what was inside the mystery envelope and we discovered Kahu was the clever person. Finally after all year of it not being done he ensured the recycling bin was put back in the correct place, not in front of the heater. He won a bouncy ball for his efforts. I wonder what it will be next week.

Wall of Fame

I couldn't resist I just had to choose Darian to go on the Wall of Fame. I think the photo says it all!

King of the Den

Orkut Scrap Toys

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Aranui Theatre

Today Arnui theatre came to our school to do a play for us. Check out the photos.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Room 12 and 15's Trip Around Wanganui

On Tuesday morning Room 15 was so existed to go on the big trip around Wanganui. The first thing we did was go to Room 12 to get our Buddy's to go to the bus. Our first stop was the lake. When we got to the lake we had a tour around the lake. We saw a lot of ducks and Geese and some pukeko's.

Our next stop was Kowhai Park. When we were a Kowhai Park we had morning tea and we played everywhere.

After that we went to the the Water Tower. When we got there we all tried to draw the tower.

While we were at the water tower Mrs Larsen said that we were going to Queens Park next. At Queens Park we read a story Charlotte and the lion. The setting was based on Queens Park. After the story we had some lunch and played. We just loved rolling down the big hill.

The next interesting thing was Moutoa Gardens. While we were there we saw the Carlton School flowers that we sent for Anzac day.

When we had finished at the Garden we went across the road and we went into the riverboat place. Isaiah wrote in the visitors book for us. We all had fun pretending to be Captains on the boat inside.

After that we went to the Tram Shed. We met the people working on restoring the trams. They told us that they are hoping to put the Trams back onto our streets. When we were there we made a video of everyone having a lot around the Tram.

After that we walked across the town bridge and down the long tunnel to the elevator underground. It was really bumpy in the elevator and it was cool seeing how close we were through the little window. When we got up the top we climbed the steps all the way to the top of the Durie Hill Tower. So of us climbed onto the top ans could see all of Wanganui through the cage. Willaim tried to drop a 10c coin onto the ground but it flew away because the wind was so strong.

On the way to the beach William and Nikora fell to asleep. It must of been a long day, but it wasn't over. When we arrived at the Mole we talked about how the big ships used to come in and drop off supplies. After checking that out we had heaps of fun playing. People made sandcastles, wrote in the sand, built huts and we had lots and lots of driftwood guns.

It was such an awesome day out. We loved spending time with our buddies and had lot of fun.