Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Experimenting with Flip Videos

As part of our new Inquiry, Mrs Larsen gave us a chance to experiment with the flip videos. After having lots of fun we created a PMI. We think they are lots of fun!

Easy to download
Small, easy to hold
Good sound
You can zoom in and out
Easy to use
Buttons easy to push
Little symbols so we know what each button means

Can’t pause filming, just stops and starts a new file
Hard to keep steady
Easy to accidently bump buttons
Can’t do as much as a normal video camera

Couldn’t work it properly
You can turn sound up
Touch screen
You can put straight into computer
You can erase videos
There are less buttons
You can watch videos

Here is one of the videos taken by Caleb. I thought it was great. It shows me he learnt to zoom in and out and had lots of fun experimenting.

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