Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Going to the Warehouse

Last night I went to the Warehouse to buy my uncle a birthday present, Cody and I also bought one pair of shoes. They are my best shoes. I have never had those shoes before. I had even put black laces in them so they look better. My dad helped me put them in, that was before my homework it was about space. I just had to do my tittle page then it was done. Mum said "WOW" I had to add my name in it to. I asked mum if I could put a background but she said no, so I asked mum if I was allowed to put space stickers on... and we did.
By Mitchell

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Observatory

To help celebrate all of our learning we have done for our inquiry this term we went to the observatory. We looked through a power telescope at Saturn and some stars. It was a great night.

Celebrating Puanga

Last week we celebrated Puanga. On Thursday we spent the whole day learning lots of new things. We played Mu Torere a Maori board game, made a kite using flax, learnt how to use Te Rakau, made a poi, played Ki O Rahi and made a Koauau. The next day we had a bonfire and made our wishes for the new year. After that we went back to class and started creating a Pou Pou using black paper and pastel. We had an awesome time.

Wearable Arts

Wow what a week! We have been so busy creating amazing costume that we haven't had time to blog. The boys have been working hard creating stars, planets, robots and aliens. We practiced our cat walking skills and had an amazing show! Here are a few photos. Watch this space for more photos and a video of our performance.

Duffy Book Winners

 Congratulations Tarron and Joshua for earning a Duffy Book.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Merit Certificate

Way to go Keylen! He has had an awesome week. He is a real asset to Room 15.

Duffy Book Winners

Congratulations Joshua and Anaru. Enjoy your new books.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Inquiry Glogs

Over the past couple of weeks the boys have be creating glogs to show what they have learnt so far in our inquiry. Here are some of them.

Keylen's TePaerangi's Isaiah's

Museum Visit

Room 15 & 6 went for a class trip to the Museum to learn about Puanga. First Room 15 went into the Cosmodome and got shown around lots of constellations and got shown how to use the Southern Cross as a compass. Next we went into a room with a data projector and got shown how the Maori celebrate on Maori New Year.

Room 15's Assembly Item - Once Upon a Hundred Years Nap

Last Friday was our assembly item. The boys had one week to learn their lines. They did a great job at acting out each scene and making sure they used expression and spoke so everyone could hear. You should be very proud of yourself boys. It was FANTASTIC!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Jake's Lucky Day

Jake also won the Hi 5 prize in assembly this week. Well done! He got some funky gel pens for his prize.

Duffy Book Winners

Congratulations Jake and Kahu!

Striving for Accuracy

This week Striving for Accuracy goes to Jake. He tried so hard to learn his lines for our assembly item. He used great expression and made a beautiful Merrywell Charming!

King of the Den