Monday, October 22, 2018

Shake Out

"Earthquake!" Mrs Palmer shouted. Drop, cover and hold! Some of us were under tables holding onto a leg, some of us were on the floor and well away from the windows doing the drop, cover and hold position. Mrs Palmer stood in the door way to keep it clear for us to get outside. After a minute Mrs Palmer said the shaking had stop for now and was safe to get up. We walked out the back door and met the rest of our class on the field by our class number. Some of our class were outside doing fitness with Mrs Steadman and had to do the drop, cover and hold position on the field! Charlie said Mrs Palmer gave him a fright when she shouted out earthquake. But that is what a real earthquake is like. It happens when you are not expecting it! Our class did a great job during the national wide shake out drill inside and outside the classroom.