Friday, February 25, 2011

Class Weekly Reflection

What: On Wednesday we did our BP Technology Challenge. It was a lot of fun. We had to make a marble track. The one that made the best track with at least one curve was the winner. Tarron's groups won. On Thursday we had our first Kapa Haka lesson. We have a new teacher Matua Ashley. On Friday after morning tea Room 15 went and visited Mrs Fraser and Studio Two at Fordell School. We played lots of games and went for a swim in their pool. All of us loved the diving board. We have played tackle seaweed and went to Room 3 to do their spelling testing.

So What: When we were at Fordell School some of us learnt how to play a game called pig hunter. Some of us learnt how to change the background on our blogs. We learnt some new waiata in Kapa Haka. We learnt about blends for spelling. Some of us learnt a new game called multi sports.

Now What: Our class goal is to work quietly so we can get our work done, that way we will get more fun time. We want to do more BP Technology Challenges, more IT, more P.E, more hut building and learn more art. We also want the teachers to join in the games.

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