Monday, September 6, 2010

Mothball's Journey

Mothball has enjoyed his time here in New Zealand. He has been on lots of sleepovers and is making lots of new friends. Here is what Jonathan and Mothball got up to.

It was a scorching hot day as mothball and I bolted home, our legs quickly tired as they were flopping around like sausages.
We rushed home because the moment had finally arrived. Mothball and I were going to see "Step Up 3D".
First something more exciting, subway to kill the hunger pains! No one likes to eat popcorn, ice cream and coke on an empty stomach. Mothball and I had a meatball sub.
At the movies Mothball jumped up and down with a popcorn box on his head. He was so excited about seeing the movie. Mothball thought that the 3D glasses were extraordinary. It made the movie pop out like popcorn being popped. The songs and dancing were funky.
We loved it!

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