Tuesday, March 26, 2019


On Thursday 21st March it was World Poetry Day. We have been reading lots of different poems so we thought we would have a go at writing our own. We each chose a colour. We then created a senses poem for the colour. Here are a couple of them.

Red smells like a big fat strawberry thats ready to eat.
Red looks like a smoking fireball.
Red tastes like a big sweet juicy apple.
Red sounds like a fire truck siren blasting.
Red feels like a gooey sticky blood.

That’s RED!

Te Huatahi:

Red smells like hot, spicy jalapenos burning my mouth.
Red looks like roses that stand out in a field of grass.
Red tastes like soft, sweet, ripe strawberries.
Red sounds like the hot, burning fire.
Red feels like blood rapidly pouring out of my body.
That’s Red!


  1. I like the poems. My poem is red as well.

  2. great poems guys my poem is red

  3. I like the poems, I wrote a poem about yellow.