Monday, February 11, 2013

Snowball Fight

On Thursday Room 15 had a snowball fight. We each got a bit of paper and wrote 3 things about ourselves that no one would know about us. After we finished writing on the paper we screwed it up into a shape of a ball. When Mrs Larsen said go we had a snow ball fight. At the end of the fight we read out what it said on the snowball. We tried to figure out who it belonged to. It was lots of fun.


  1. I really liked hving that snowball fight beacuase we had to read any radom one out.

  2. looks a lot of fun Mrs and tarron says hi and for me to,see you sone

    By keightley watson

  3. I really enjoy this because I hit Charlie in the head and it was

  4. WOW you guys must of had so much fun throwing them at each others

    From KayneT