Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dangerous Decibels

Today Tracy came into class to talk about dangerous decibels. Tracy had a tuning fork, she hit it on the table and spun it around, it sounded like the wind. She used this and a ping pong ball to show us that sound is made of vibrations. She also told us all about how to look after our hearing. Did you know you can't stand by a shot gun and shoot it without it affecting your ear. It does instant damage. In our ears we have lots of little hair-like nerve cells. If we listen to loud sounds for to long, it destroys some of our hair-like nerve cells. Once they are damaged they stay that way. We cant fix them. So we need to look after them by either walking away, turning it down or wearing protect our ears like ear plugs or ear muffs. Check out the photos from our fun morning.

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