Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekly Challenge

Well the boys and I got talking on Friday and the discussion led to how many shoes I have, so I thought that could be this weeks challenge.

How many shoes does Mrs Larsen have?

I look forward to seeing who gets the closest to the correct answer, they will be the winner. If you were listening closely you were given a little clue on Friday.


  1. Can I give you a clue? Mrs Larsen has more pairs of shoes than me (Mrs Robertson).

  2. Is it 200 when you count each shoe?

  3. Is it around 40 or 60?

  4. Well i'm not sure if people have written down the number of pairs of shoes or just shoes I have, so I will have to assume you are all thinking pairs. SO there are 2 winners. No one got the actual number but they were the closest. William guessed 50 and David guessed 54. The answer is 52! No doubt next week it will be more. Mrs Larsen