Monday, May 24, 2010

Yr 5's Toothpaste Making

Today when the Year 6's went to Rutherford, the Year 5's went to Room 5. At Room 5 we made toothpaste. First Ms Whitwell gave us some instructions. Then we got into pairs. Josh and I were a pair. Ms Whitwell and Mrs McAvoy came around with salt sugar and baking soda. We had to decide the amount we wanted to use for each ingredients. Ms Whitwell came around with glycerol and poured some into our mixture. Mrs McAvoy came around with some red, green and blue food coluring. We choose red. We added the food colouring to our toothpaste. We tried our toothpaste, ours was yum. Some of the others were yummier and some were yuck! Especially Fords. Mr Petersen judged the best toothpaste. Hope's and Jahzia's were the best.

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