Monday, May 17, 2010

The Super Classroom Makeover

Two weeks ago we had a classroom make over. The people that helped were Campbell Jonathan and me(Kobi). When we helped we had to move tables to shift the computers over to the corner where the couch was. Jonathan and I had to carry big things and Campbell had to carry small things. When we were doing it Jonathan and I needed to put down the computers and swap because I had the white one (thats the dinosaur motor) and he had the black one. I wanted to see how light the black one was (not the dinosaur). Campbell, Jonathan and me moved the couch. When the couch was in its new spot we jumped on it. When we jumped on the couch we had a little break. Then i tried to move the teachers desk, the wheel dragged the matt over a little bit so i had to pull it back and lift it up up up and over. After we moved lots of things Mrs Larsen said you guys can go to lunch now and Mrs Larsen did the rest.
By Kobi.

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