Wednesday, May 19, 2010

BP Technology Challenge

Today Mrs Larsen gave us a challenge. The challenge to build a shelter the could keep 2 people dry and warm. All we could use was 10 newspapers, sellotape and scissors. We found this challenge extremely difficult. When one group was building their shelter they weren't being really carefully so the newspaper ripped. However, they kept trying and built a shelter. Even though they needed four people to hold the shelter up! When one group had a problem they did not work through it. Instead they gave up. The other group decided to fight amongst themselves. We learnt when times get tough, do not give up. Give everything a go! Here are some photos of our disasters and one success.


  1. Yay our BP Technology challenge was really fun trying to work together to complete it. Every group had trouble. Most of us tried our best. From Kobi.P.S one group gave up.

  2. I like the slideshow mrs larsen its cool.