Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kingi's First Road Trip

Kingi was so excited. He was going on his first road trip. He jumped in the car, buckled up, and made his way to Palmerston North with Mrs Larsen and her family. He was going to visit Mrs Larsen's brother. He was in hospital after having surgery on his leg. He was in a motorbike accident a year and a half ago and had heaps of rods and screws put in his leg to fix it. They took them all out again in surgery. When Jay met Kingi for the first time he wasn't feeling too good. He was even a bit green! But Kingi was so lucky he got to see the x-rays and all the screws and rods they took out of his leg. After cheering Jay up everyone went to get some food. We left just in time. Jay was sick everywhere. That didn't stop Kingi from trying French Fries for the first time. He never knew potato could taste so good. We didn't get back to Wanganui till quite late but Kingi fell asleep straight away. The only problem was he kept everyone up all night with his very loud snoring!!

1 comment:

  1. Now thats good Kingis buckled safely up.Did Kingi get Mc donalds all over his paws?

    By Tekaha