Sunday, April 14, 2013

Boy's Night Out

Last night we had our Boy's Night Out. What a great night! I really enjoyed watching the boys be great hosts to their families. We started off by showing our families a presentation so they understand how we do things in the boys class. After that the boys showed their familes around, explained their fantastic work displayed around the class, showed them how we use the computers, the many programmes we use to support our learning and taught them to make comments on our blogs. I was very impressed. The boys did a great job sharing their life in Room 15 with others.

After that we walked over to Room 14 where the boys were hosts once more. They introduced their families to their "little brother" and them showed them around their class and all the things they have helped their buddies create.

Thank you so much everyone for coming along and seeing what your boys have been up to. I really enjoyed the evening and look forward to seeing you all back again sometime.

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  1. it looks like a fun time you had room 15 my grandson is in your class.His name is Jacob.