Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Habit of Mind

Yesterday we talked some more about the Habit of Mind we have been focusing on. We ran around the school to find the Gathering Data Through All senses poster to find out who was on it. It was Evermore. A lot of us didn't know who Evermore was so we looked them up on You Tube. We discovered they were a band so we watched one of their music videos.

Click here to watch the music video on You Tube

We discussed why they would be good at gathering data through all senses. Joshua H summed it up well, "To be able to write their songs they have to experience things for themselves, see things, feels things, hear things etc. Evermore can use those experiences to write their songs."

After watching the video clip we discussed the five senses and all the things that came to our mind when watching the video. We created a Wordle with all of our words.

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