Thursday, May 16, 2013


Yesterday we wrote a procedure as a class about how to make a Hacky Sack. Here it is.

How to make a Hacky Sack

What you need:
3 balloons
A handful of rice
A bottle (like a drink bottle)

1. Gather the things you need.
2. Collect your handful of rice and tip it into your bottle. Note: make sure it’s over something so it doesn’t spill everywhere.

3. Stretch 1 of your balloons over the top of the bottle. Note: Be careful so it doesn’t rip and make sure it is pulled down over the whole top.

4. Tip your bottle upside-down and shake, after three shakes, run your index finger and thumb down the neck of the balloon to push all the rice in to fill the balloon. While you are shaking the bottle make sure that the hand that is holding the bottle is also holding the balloon.

5. Once the balloon has been filled with the rice carefully take the balloon off the bottle, holding the neck so the rice doesn’t spill.
6. Carefully cut the balloon about 2 thirds of the way down the neck so the rice doesn’t spill.

7. Grab the other 2 balloons and cut them at bottom of the neck.

8. Take one of the balloons, stretch it open and carefully put it over the balloon with rice in it.

9. Repeat step 8 with the 3rd balloon.

You have now made a Hacky Sack. Enjoy!

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  1. I think that looks outstanding i think that you should teach me how!!!!!!!