Monday, March 11, 2013

Strike Performance

On Monday afternoon was really fun because Strike Percussion came and performed for the school. They had really huge drum sets and Polynesian log drums. They were EXTREMELY good just like Mrs Larsen said.
When we entered the hall they played quite loud but it wasn't too loud for me.
After introducing themselves Tom said Tuk was going to perform a rain song but Tuk said he could only perform it if it was raining. So we made it sound like it was raining inside.
Mr Waite and Mrs Larsen played as well, they had a competition, whoever got the most applause won. Mr Waite won and his prize was a weird Chinese drink.
Some lucky people got to go up and play the log drums, the audience clapped whenever Tim hit his drum.
At the end they played us a beat using fire.
What a great show!


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