Thursday, March 14, 2013

Senior School Swimming Sports

On a hot Tuesday afternoon the Senior School went to W.I.S to have our swimming sports. We needed to find our fastest swimmers to go to interschool swimming.

Before we took our long and hot walk to WIS we got organised. We ate our lunch. We munched and crunched our food down. When we were finished eating our snacks, we got changed in the class, we shut the curtains so we could get dressed. We got changed as fast as the speed of a shooting star because Room 7 was coming to use our computers. After we got dressed we were allowed to have a 10-15 minutes of play time before we left.

When the Senior School finished getting organised we lined up, we had to go on the long and tiring walk to WIS. Some parents even came with us. They had to hurry us up because we were walking so slow.. I think everyone in our class was sensible and behaved. All you could hear on the way was kids talking, if you wanted some piece of quiet you were in the wrong place.

Once our foot touched the W.I.S grounds we all sat down into our age groups, then Mrs Larsen came around and gave sun block out to some people. Mr Waite welcomed us to the swimming sports and explained how the day was going to go. He told us who the lifeguard was, Mr Sager and if you get a coloured stick after that race that means you came 1st, 2nd or 3rd.
We were doing the length’s races first before the widths races. The people doing length races got prepared to get in the freezing, cold pool.

The first event I was in was a length freestyle. When Mr Watie called my name out I jumped up and down like I was Hong Kong and ran to Ms Bennett. We lined up at the end of the pool ready to take off. Ms Bennett banged the blocks together, it was like a bomb, then we were off. I dived in. The water felt as cold as frozen ice. I swam as fast as I could. I was nearly at the finish then I slowed down. I couldn't hold on anymore. I came second. I was proud I came second. At least I tried my hardest.

My second event was backstroke. That was hard. I almost came 3rd but one of the other racers got in my way so I didn't end up getting a placing. I almost hit my head on the concrete wall at the end too. Luckily there were people their to protect our heads. During my race my mum was cheering me on. That made me feel good and try even harder.

My final race was breaststroke length. I won before we even started because no one in my age group for boys was in breaststroke length, it was stink because I had no competition. That meant I had to face the 10 year old girls. I still won!

After we had finished all the events we got changed into our clothes. We had to wait a long time for some people to get ready. Finally when everyone was ready we were off again. We had to make that long walk again, all the way back to Carlton School. Everyone was really tired. We were all extremely happy when we arrived back at the school.

Even though it was a long, hot, exhausting day I had fun because I love swimming.

Written by the boys of Room 15

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