Thursday, March 1, 2012

Purple Cake Day!

Today was Purple Cake Day. Purple Cake day is a day to celebrate the children in our lives! This day encourages us to learn about children globally and fundraise for those in need. This year to focus was on Nepal. The money raised on Purple Cake Day is used to delivery quality education opportunities. This brings hope, education and real change to children living in poverty and hardship.

To celebrate Purple Cake Day we wore purple. As you can imagine the boys had trouble doing this and only a few were successful in finding purple outfits in their wardrobes. We also had a chance to buy purple cupcakes which were delicious. We also had a cardboard purple cupcake which we put the donated coins on.

In class we had a Purple Cake Day Celebration with Room 9. We did some finger painting with purple paint and ate some cupcakes. It was a great day!

Purple Cake Day! on PhotoPeach


  1. We love your Purple Cake Day celebrations. Thank you so much for all your creative work and for the video - fantastic! Purple thanks from Rebecca and the Purple Cake Day team.

  2. lovely cup cacks thay look nice well done