Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rules and Laws - What's the difference?

We have been looking closely at Rules and Laws. Today we needed to find the definition for what a rule is and what a law is.

We decided a rule is a statement explaining what someone can or cannot,helps people make the right choice. It is made by a group of people/organisation.

We decided a law is a system of rules within a country, region, or community. These rules are made by the government.

After that we made a list of all the laws we know. have a look at what we came up with.
No stealing, No drink/drug driving, No using a mobile while driving, No drugs - only prescription, No harming others, No speeding, No trespassing, Wear a helmet, Wear a seat belt, You must be 16 and over to drive, no assaulting, no fraud, no identity fraud, you must be 18 and over to buy smokes and alcohol, no vandalising, no abuse of any kind, no violating parole and you must not be left home alone if you are younger than 14.

After doing this activity we discussed why rules and laws are put in place. As a class we decided we have rules/laws to make the world a better place and to keep us safe.

All of a sudden people started to question our class rules. Can you believe it!

They were right, after 5 weeks they clicked we had problems.
1. I made the rules and told them what they were. We did not decide them together.
2. Our rule of only Year 6's on the couch is unfair. Rules need to be fair to everyone involved.
3. Our rule of putting up your left hand if you have a comment and right if you have a question. Is pointless it does not contribute to a better/safer class.

So What do we have to do now then??


  1. sweet avertars guys i wish i could make those kind of avertars love the blog.

  2. sweet avertars guys i wish i could make those kind of avertars love the blog.