Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Our Plan

Today we planned our inquiry and made a list of people who can help us make our own class treaty.

Mr Petersen
We want to interview Mr Petersen and ask him things like, who made our school rules, why do we have the rules we have, how did you decide the consequences and does he have any suggestions for what he feels will be important in our class treaty.

Mayor of Wanganui - Council Chambers
We want to talk to the Mayor and visit the council chambers and ask them things like, what is there job and do you help make the laws in New Zealand.

Police Station
We want to visit the police station to learn about the role of the police, what their job involves and how do they enforce the laws.

We want to visit Parliament to learn things like how laws are made, how do they decide on new laws and can you change laws.

The boys will be spending the next few days emailing and talking to the people/places above and start arranging our visits. It looks like we are going to be a busy class.


  1. That would be really cool if we got to go to Parliament and the Council Chambers to see Annette Main.

  2. Well I hope things work out for yous with lows


  3. Hi we are 5N
    Were from Camperdown College. This year we are learning about all the 7 continents: Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, Antarctica, North America and South America. We have been reading a book called ‘Hungry Ghosts’.
    We had Green Day on the 27 of February. We had to wear something green to school and we had a competition to see who had the most green on. The day raised money for ‘Relay for Life’ which is a Cancer Council fundraiser.
    We haven't visited a police station before so let us know how it goes.
    from 5N