Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Duffy Books

Yesterday Carlton School had a Duffy Assembly. Our Duffy visitor was Linda Vagana shes a ex silver fern. She also played for her home country Samoa. After she retired she became a coach for the Samoan under 21. She also coached the Samoan team at the commonwealth games. Now she is the manager of the Duffy Books in homes. She said that books saved her life. She used to get teased because she was so tall. Kids use to call her Goliath and tall feller. She didn't like it. She started to fail at school at her report said she got a D at every thing. Her dad was a teacher so she couldn't say that D meant 'Did really well'. Her dad made her study. So when she got teased she would turn around and say something like hey whatever girl and started using lots of different words. All the mean girls use to say what did she say. Eventually they started leaving her alone. She also told us this funny story. it goes like this. One day there was a boy and there was a girl. The boy said to the girl woohoo. Then the boy saw the girl walking to school and said woohoo then the girl turned around and the boy saw the girl was actually a boy. After the funny story we got our books. Guess what Room 15 were first. How lucky! TeWaoriki and Caleb went up to Linda and got the books. Caleb shook her hand and said I'm not gonna wash my hand again. I bet he does!

By Isaiah and TeWaoriki

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