Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mothball's Adventure around Wanganui

It was Mothball’s first weekend in Wanganui so I decided to show him around the Big Smoke. Mothball visited all the sights Wanganui has to offer. First we went to Virginia Lake. Mothball was surprised how many ducks lived there. He figured the ducks must love hanging out with Peter Pan. I also took Mothball to the bird aviary. He got a huge fright when the parrot said hello. He didn’t realise they could talk. The parrots were very friendly. After the lake I took Mothball to the St Johns hill lookout where you can see most of the town. Next we went to go visit the Lion at the Memorial Hall. The lion is part of a memorial monument for the Soldiers. After visiting the lion we went to Kowhai Park. Everyone in Wanganui just loves Kowhai Park. At the Park Mothball got to meet Fred Flintstone. He also nearly got eaten by a whale, had a turn on the swing and sea saw. What a great experience! Mothball’s last stop was the Durie Hill Tower. At first Mothball was a little scared being so high up but after seeing the view his fears soon flew away. He thought Wanganui was a beautiful town. Mothball really enjoyed his first weekend in Wanganui.

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  1. Mrs Larsen it looks like your cat is going to eat mothball.
    By William