Saturday, June 22, 2019

Rutherford Junior High School

The Year 6 boys went to Rutherford Junior High School last Wednesday morning to have a 'taster' on what intermediate would be like. We started the morning off by listening to the Year 7 and the Year 8 bands play and sing to us. The choir and Kapa Haka group sang to us too. It was great to see some of our ex Carlton students involved in those groups. Next we split into three groups and rotated around three activities. In the gymnasium where we were in two teams playing dodgeball against each other. One game was us against the staff and Rutherford Year 7 helpers. During robotics, we were in groups with a Year 7 student building a robot to battle. It was a challenge to construction something in the short time but it was lots of fun battling each other. Our last activity was cooking. Again we were in groups cooking meat patties and constructing a burger. Yum! What a way to spend a morning at school. We ended our morning with a Ruruku and took an information booklet home to share with our families.

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