Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Can We Get Water Out Of Milk?

Can we get water out of milk?

By heating the milk it will expand.
Steam will make more milk when its collect on the bottom of the plate
Shrink into milk powder
Pan will be hot so it will shrink it.
Turn into scrambled milk

Electric frying pan
A plate

1. Pour some milk into the electric frying pan. Use enough to cover the bottom of the pan.
2. Heat the milk up, slowly.
3. Put a plate over the frying pan to see what collects on the plate. What does it look like? What does it taste like?
4. Stir the milk around so it doesn’t burn.
5. Continue heating the milk until all the liquid has gone.

The milk was bubbly when we started heating it up.
It you turn the heat up the bubbles get bigger.
The milk evaporates and dries up.
The water evaporates into steam and begins to rise.
The milk becomes sticky and a little dry.
The milk dries up into a solid.
The solid milk tastes like milk powder mixed with dust.
2 days later once it was drier it tasted like pikelets and smelled like golden syrup.

We learnt that you can get water out of milk because the water in the milk evaporates and turns to steam, that can be collected in the plate.
The results of the actual experiment were a lot different to the hypothesis. The milk didn’t expand instead it shrunk and dried up. The steam didn’t make more milk it just evaporated it and made less milk. The milk didn’t turn into scrambled milk, scrambled milk would be slightly jelly-like. The one correct hypothesis was that the milk would shrink

1 of the problems was that the milk was heated up too much resulting in the milk solid being slightly browned. Next time we shouldn’t heat the milk up too high, also we need to make sure we have more time to do it so we don’t have to heat it up.

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