Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Inquiry - Milk Experiments

Last week we started our inquiry 'White Gold'. We carried out 2 experiments.Watch the You Tube clips have a go at the experiments yourself.

In the first experiment we used milk and mixed it with oil and food colouring. We discovered that oil and milk don't mix.

In the second experiment we used milk, food colouring and dish washing liquid. We saw the milk and food colouring move and make awesome patterns when we added dish washing liquid.


  1. I had lots of fun doing this. I really want to do lots more experiments like this.

  2. I really had a lot of fun doing the milk experiment and I want to do more and more.

  3. Milk bubbles is a very good name!

    Jeannie - Room 6

  4. Wow! I like that experiment you did. I might tell our teacher if our class can do it!

  5. The last comment was from Makaiden - Room 6