Thursday, August 9, 2012

Financial Literacy

Today Ewen from ASB came and talked to us. He told us about how we can earn and save money. We learnt about interest, eftpos and credit.
Here are some things we learnt...

  • you can earn money from the bank (interest)
  • it's important to save money and treat yourself a little too
  • there are many different ways to earn money - chores, jobs, neighbourhood jobs
  • its better to use an eftpos rather than credit
  • using a credit card means you are borrowing money
  • don't spend all of your money


  1. Ewen was a really funny guy with all weird stories.

  2. Ewen was really funny! I learnt lots about how to earn money and how to earn it.

  3. Wow!! The financial literacy speaker Ewen was fantastic I really hope that he comes back to our class.

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  5. I really liked him come into our class to teach us about saving money and spending money too.

  6. Ha ha ha Ewen was really funny I learnt heaps of stuff

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